10 Years Ago Yesterday: Beslan Massacre

We are reminded today that the US and Russia should not be enemies.

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The Jawa Report September 2004 archive reminds us that the current situation with ISIS is not "As bad as its ever been" or worse than its ever been.

No we've fought ISIS before, and back then their media wing al-Furqan did not cut the nasty parts out of beheading.

The Press and Obama crowd just have a really really hard time admitting that Bush was right and al-Qaeda, and also that Islamists were always evil.

ISIS is simply the current manifestation of that evil.

It must be destroyed, utterly.

And to destroy them you had best believe in the cause, because the sick butchers of ISIS sure as hell believe in their cause.

Posted by: Howie at 09:10 AM


1 Aye, there's the rub-- after 1,400 years of the world's worst coming from a single source, most of the "western" world still can't come out and say what that source is.... ISLAM. The USA rounded up and interred citizens of Japanese descent during WWII just cause they looked different (while citizens of German descent and their supporters were free to organize the American Nazi Party, etc)... Ladies and gents, what the hell is wrong with you? Why can't you wake up and accept the FACT that as long as hundreds of millions of followers of islam take its "holy" books and writing literally and use those words to justify the most heinous and brutal acts amongst humanity,it CAN'T and SHOULDN'T be labeled as a religion-- and therefore should have NO PROTECTION whatsoever as a religion until such time as the overwhelming majority of its followers declare such nuggets as allowing one to beat one's wife with a stick, smite the neck of the unbelievers with the sword, and the day of judgment will not come until you fight the Jews and kill them as SATANIC verses, to be permanently stricken from all future printings...and then of course, there must be a serious world-wide apology from the adherents of islam and they must then convince the world that they are sincere about removing the evil from their midst (which would end up being like 60+% of the koran, but so be it)...

Posted by: unPC at September 02, 2014 12:22 PM

2 For those trying to understand the Qur'an - it is not in chronological order. I repeat it is not in chronological order. There are two chronological periods first the Meccan period followed by the Medina period. Tolerance followed by intolerance to be precise. The tolerant chapters and verses abrogated (made null and void) by the intolerant chapters and verses. Islamic reformation means death for all non-believers. There is nothing redeemable about Islam nothing worthy of preserving.

Posted by: ScreamingInfidelPiglet at September 02, 2014 04:33 PM

3 The part I like, is that they kill each other and praise Ollie for it.

Posted by: Kafiroon at September 02, 2014 07:06 PM

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