ISIS Murders American Journalist James Foley

American Journalist James Foley has been murdered by ISIS.

In a statement citing Obama's authorization of airstrikes in support of Iraq and the the Kurds ISIS has murdered American Journalist James Foley in an act of revenge.

Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video and can verify that James was beheaded.


From James' family's website:

Journalist James Foley disappeared in northwest Syria on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 2012.
Jim is the oldest of five children. He has reported independently and objectively from the Middle East for the past five years. Prior to his work as a journalist, Jim helped empower disadvantaged individuals as a teacher and mentor assisting them in improving their lives.

The family appeals for the release of Jim unharmed.

The Foley Family

Our hearts go out to the Foley family in this most terrible time.

At the end of the production they are holding another prisoner one, Steven Joel Sotloff. Although my copy has not hint of his fate. It appears they will murder him next if their demands that US back down are not met.

Posted by: Howie at 03:48 PM


1 Terrible news and very sad for the family.

Though I can't help but wonder if this is one of those naive folks who thought his trip to a Muslim country where Muslims are fighting Muslims, would end up in anything other than his capture, torture, and execution by Muslims?

Posted by: Yalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! at August 19, 2014 04:20 PM

2 I would like to find out who he worked for. Independent is fine, but... Honestly, if he was part of the propaganda industry, using terms like "freedom fighter" and such, I really can't have any sympathy for a man who pets crocodiles. Justice, if so, will have been served.

Posted by: Doom at August 19, 2014 04:26 PM

3 Sorry for his family but he did go there with Unicorn dust in his eyes, thinking fair and balanced reporting would protect him as well as liberal fairy dust.
I wouldn't go anywhere in that shithole region for any reason except to bomb it.

Posted by: obsidian at August 19, 2014 04:49 PM

4 His executioner is a Londoner with origins in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. This along with the Gitmo fatigues is part of the message. May his murderer rot in hell!

Posted by: Ashamed at August 19, 2014 04:52 PM

5 My condolences to the family.

Posted by: Valerie at August 19, 2014 05:46 PM

6 I hope America bombs the pisslamic state that rules parts of Iraq and Syria. Nuclear bomb this middle eastern shithole, so that no evil muslim vermin will ever breathe there !! This video will make America more determine to destroy this shitty muslim banana republic, that will die like the Third Reich did in 1945. I hope the Yazidis take revenge and kill every soldier from the islamic state and feed their bodies to the dogs on the streets!

Posted by: Birbal Dhar at August 19, 2014 06:02 PM

7 So show the actual beheading. Let people see what animals ISIS are. "Too horrible to show...?"

Eff that! Show what happens during an Islamic ritual beheading of an American. When it starts happening to the Kafir in Dearbornistan will that be "too horrible" to show?

Face it now or face it later!~!!!!

Posted by: KUFFAR at August 19, 2014 06:31 PM

8 Don't bother notifying Amnesty. They are too busy making sure the Ferguson rioters are being treated fairly.

Posted by: DMartyr at August 19, 2014 06:43 PM

9 boils the blood.

Posted by: kzintius at August 19, 2014 06:58 PM

10 If you go to the video on Liveleak, you'll see most commenters think the video is fake, and that this is some sort of Jew/Obama conspiracy to make Muslims look bad.

Posted by: Yalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! at August 19, 2014 07:21 PM

11 Keep showing your creed's evil nature, Muslims. RIP, James Foley, brave til the end in the face of evil.

Posted by: Stephanie at August 19, 2014 07:38 PM

12 After seeing the BBC video about the Kurds taking over the Mosul Dam from the Islamic State terrorists.

It looks like the video where James Foley was killed took place at the Mosul Dam when the Islamic State terrorists occupied it. The scenery in this video looks so much like the view of the dam from the BBC report.

Posted by: Birbal Dhar at August 20, 2014 06:30 AM

13 Any idea who the killer may be? With that British accent, he probably has some history as being a British radical. Jawa Report could probably figure it out.

Posted by: Coke Drinker at August 20, 2014 06:36 AM

14 I hear he had mean things to say about the USA in this video but i have no idea how he lived and i didn't watch him die.

I think it's probable that the high profile executions go through a dozen rehearsals, filming the confession over and over and kneeling on his back with the knife on his
neck over and over until the poor bastard is in shock and the actual cutting comes as a surprise when it is finally for real. The final tape release is an edit of several runs. He will read any statement, eventually. Or maybe they film the 'denounce your country' bit every morning before he is given food for a month with various scripts. They are assholes with a lot of practice at this; i don't blame the victims for anything they say or do before the knife comes down.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at August 20, 2014 07:53 AM

15 Like others have commented, Foley's murder is a completely inhuman act. ISIS needs to be taken OUT for the sake of actual humanity.
However, Foley's twitter feed indicates he was a sad example of leftist indoctrination (and anti-Semitism) and had no reality-based idea what he was doing, and the dangers he was exposing himself to by being an 'unaffiliated' mouthpiece for "freedom fighters." Sorry dude, but that's your bad.

Posted by: dahozho at August 20, 2014 04:20 PM

16 Is it correct that Foley was one of those 'understanding' journalists who thought he was dealing with civilized people?

Well he seems to have not understood much at all (as many 'liberals' assume they do).

The rhetorical question is : will any other liberals learn anything from this lesson ?

Posted by: veltarenny at August 21, 2014 07:36 PM

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