Hamas Missiles Discovered In Another UN School

Once again, the UN is caught aiding terrorists.

or the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said.

"Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip," the organization said in a statement issued Tuesday. "As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, then I'm an accomplice.

(Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers)

Posted by: DMartyr at 02:19 PM


1 They are considered an accomplice because they discovered and immediately reported rockets being in a vacated school?

Posted by: Righter at July 22, 2014 03:20 PM

2 They are an accomplish because they had to know Hamas was using the schools. Once, maybe we could believe the terrorists snuck some by.

Twice, they had to know, just as they had to know their ambulances were being used to transport militants & weapons, and just as they had to know Hezbollah was firing rockets from UN compounds.

This isn't a surprise. Israel has been telling them for years.

Posted by: DMartyr at July 22, 2014 04:50 PM

3 It's all right now, the UN gave the rockets back to Hamas! Be calm. All is well!

Posted by: tweell at July 22, 2014 06:51 PM

4 And the US continues to fund this absolute idiocy. Unbelievable - for normal people that is.

Posted by: Bubbe at July 22, 2014 09:06 PM

5 I want a President who has the balls to take us OUT of the UN and then kick their sorry socialist asses OUT of our country!!

Posted by: Frustrated Teacher at July 22, 2014 10:41 PM

6 In an most unlikely alternative universe:
"UN Officials said that this ordnance had been seized whilst investigations were were underway with the possibility of war crimes charges being brought against the perpetrators."

In a more realistic alternative future:
"UN Officials provided logistic support to dispose of the missiles in an East and North direction through the expenditure of their propellant charges. UN consultants were on standby to ensure that these munitions had a low risk of landing short in Gazan territory or falling long into contested West Bank territory."

Posted by: Bill #2 at July 24, 2014 01:15 AM

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