Nigerian Islamists Celebrate World Cup in Traditional Way: Blowing up Churches

I'm sick of blaming terrorists. It's time to blame soccer:

An attack on churches in northeast Nigeria blamed on Boko Haram killed more than 50 people, an official said on Monday, overshadowing festivities ahead of a last-16 World Cup match against France.

Gunmen stormed Sunday services in four villages near Chibok in Borno state where Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls on April 14.
They hurled explosives into churches, torched buildings and fired on worshippers as they tried to flee, residents said.

“So far we have 54 dead,” said a Borno state official, who requested anonymity as he was not authorised to discuss casualties with the media

Jesus wept.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:26 PM


1 No one is authorized to discuss casualties with the media.

'Cause if no one tells the media about the continuing slaughter then it won't really be a problem, just a few disconnected events like fires and explosions and mass kidnappings but no one will ever put three and five together and get eight (B-Haram having burned down all the schools) and realize that the Nigerian government is not very effective at protecting its citizens.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at June 30, 2014 08:27 PM

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