US Cuts Off Nose to Spite Its Face in Afghanistan

We deserve to lose, don't we?

A legendary Special Forces commander was quietly forced to leave the U.S. Army after he admitted to a love affair with a Washington Post war correspondent, who quit her job to secretly live with him for almost a year in one of the most dangerous combat outposts in Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command never publicly disclosed that highly-decorated Green Beret Major Jim Gant was relieved of command at the end of a harrowing 22 months in combat in March 2012.

By the time he was yanked out of Afghanistan two years later because of his relationship with Tyson, Gant also had won over three Pashtun tribes with substantial influence throughout Kunar province. Top commanders had tasked him with turning the tide of a conflict America was losing, and in his corner of the war, Gant was winning.

When you have a winner, you back him.

I mean General Grant was the F*cking Old Drunk that ended up saving The Union.

Sweet Jesus!

Posted by: Howie at 09:08 AM


1 It all depends on what this administration's goals are. If the goal is to leave Afghanistan a cesspit, then you kick out guys like Gant.

On a side note, if Gant was married to someone at the time, the military is fully within their rights to dismiss Gant, but as you said, cutting of nose to spite face.

Posted by: jim at June 25, 2014 10:08 AM

2 If he was teh ghey they would have promoted him.

Posted by: Kafiroon at June 25, 2014 10:33 AM

3 Why, it's almost as if I want to make sure we lose, ain't it?Heh.....

Posted by: Barry O-Holy-Bama at June 25, 2014 03:35 PM

4 Well then, the Army should have sacked and sent home Ike in January of 44. He was screwing Kay Summersby you know. Everybody knew, including Mamie. Can you imagine anyone else, other than Patton, in command of D-Day? Actually, Obama WANTS the US to lose and it's men sacrificed for nothing.

Posted by: nadadhimmi at June 28, 2014 06:45 PM

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