Ministry of Irony: Free Speech for ISIS?

I can't find it today, but a few days ago one of ISIS Twitter propagandists was complaining that Twitter "Violated his free speech rights." by suspending one of his accounts that was used to tweet out violent images of executions and Jihad.

My reply was that ISIS would not grant me free speech, free speech is a Kuffar rule, not a tenant of Sharia.

Today at Gateway Pundit there is a video of an execution carried out by ISIS in Syria. Ironically ISIS at 1:13 in the video forbids anyone except their own propagandists to take any pictures or videos so that ISIS, in a rather commie like manner, can control the images and perceptions around the execution or murder as they see fit.

Or Free speech for me, but not for thee.

Ironic no?

Posted by: Howie at 12:13 PM


1 There's also one of your playmates over at Gateway Pundit today, posting a lot of typical Islamist ignorance about how the Jooos run the US.

Posted by: Valerie at June 20, 2014 03:00 PM

2 Did you mean "tenet" of Sharia?

Posted by: Al at June 20, 2014 04:24 PM

3 Interestingly the guy speaking behind the camera is speaking Russian (I presume he must be one of those Chechens or their Russian Caucasus comrades), before the announcer at the execution speaks in Arabic to the members of the public (all males of course, because ISIS don't like seeing females on the streets, unless it is for essential things like buying black ninja outfits that cover the whole body).

Posted by: Birbal Dhar at June 20, 2014 04:30 PM

4 Calling these ISIS savages "scum" is an insult to scum.

So many nukes with so little to do...
*hint, hint*.......

Posted by: Shadowman at June 20, 2014 05:21 PM

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