ISIS Imposes New Rules in Iraq


* All Muslims in the city have bee instructed to attend mosque for the five daily prayers.

* It confirms that it seized up to half a billion dollars from the Mosul branch of the Bank of Iraq but states it can be trusted with the funds. Any one of its members who breach this promise will have their hands cut off.

* No drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes allowed

* No public gathering other than those organised by ISIS will be allowed

* No guns will be allowed

* All tribal leaders and sheikhs in the area have been warned not to co-operate with the state.

* Finally all women must dress in concealing clothing that preserve decency. Females should only go outside "if necessary".

Well it looks like they picked some of the finer points of their policy from the Democrat party?

I'm sure its only to protect the Iraqi people from themselves.

Posted by: Howie at 09:58 AM


1 No guns? That will infuriate the left in America. The 2nd amendment is a right that should never been infringed. Why would the terrorists want no guns?

Posted by: Airandee at June 12, 2014 05:47 PM

2 Give it 15-20 years and we'll be in for WWIII and we'll know exactly why and how it came to be. With the "Chamberlain of our time" doing what he does best.

Posted by: Eli at June 12, 2014 06:01 PM

No guns, no booze, no smokes, and no scantily clad women?

Jeezus, no wonder these muzzies are such a bunch of overwrought assholes, they're missing out on all the gravy and little rewards at the end of the day.

Posted by: RBanks at June 12, 2014 07:38 PM

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