Will Being al-Qaeda to the Core Be Enough to Justify Droning Samir Khan in Yemen?

Apparently some whiners are still whining about the Samir Kahn and Anwar al-Awlaki outdoor Bar-B-Q jamboree the we held in Yemen a few years back?

The Obama Administration says it will release a legal memo justifying the killings of U.S. citizens allegedly associated with terrorism, but it remains unclear if the memo will provide justification for the drone strike in Yemen that took out Samir Khan, a purported al-Qaeda propagandist who spent his teenage years in Westbury.

The Obama Administration, which has come under intense scrutiny for extrajudicial killings beyond the borders of declared war zones, was under court order to release a redacted version of the legal memo but apparently chose to forgo an appeal in order to assuage a group of U.S. Senators hesitant to confirm Obama’s pick to sit on the first U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, David Barron, until the memo was released.

Barron, a former Harvard professor and Justice Department official, authored the legal opinion that triggered the September and October 2011 drone strikes in Yemen that killed three U.S. citizens, including Khan. He is likely to be confirmed before the memo is released. The redacted version requires court approval, meaning it could take some time before it becomes publicly available.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ordered the memo’s release in response to separate Freedom of Information Act suits filed by two reporters for The New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which were later combined.

Official Jawa Report Editorial opinion on this is as follows.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

Allah apparently had other plans.

Posted by: Howie at 08:01 AM


1 I have no problem with the administration firing missiles at Al-Queda members anywhere on the planet. I just wish they'd tip them with megaton nuclear warheads...

Posted by: TimO at May 29, 2014 03:13 PM

2 Bastards terrorizing people and killing anyone they can?
Kill 'em all! I don't care what country they are from.

Posted by: Kafiroon at May 29, 2014 11:36 PM

3 Live by the gun, die by Hellfire. Alcohol Snackar, MOFO!

Posted by: fred zeppelin at May 30, 2014 06:55 AM

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