Drug Cartels In Texas


Thanks to Obama's open borders and weak immigration laws, drug cartels are not only operating in our southern border states, but they are confident enough to threaten U.S. law enforcement:

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso police are investigating two mysterious billboards that appeared just off I-10, each with a mannequin hanging from a noose.

"It's not an advertisement," said Mike Mons, regional manager for Lamar Outdoor advertising.

The first vandalized billboard off I-10 had Plata o Plomo in large black letters which translates into silver or lead. It is usually a warning targeting police or government officials in Mexico. The warning: work with a cartel and take a bribe or get a bullet.

Why the cartels are even bothering to threaten is beyond me. With the Obama Administration's border rules, border patrol agents are ordered to run away rather than confront illegals.

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:37 PM


1 The cartels are threatening because they want to expand operations into the U.S., and they are warning the law enforcement and government agencies that it's going to be either silver or lead. They are moving on up and moving in. These are the new barbarian hordes that are going to invade, and subsequently, destroy the new Rome. The gobierno de Mexico es corrupt, and our government is going to be corrupted by the same forces of evil that are spreading like a cancer across our southern border. The issue with the border isn't about racism or discrimination against brown people, this is about stopping the spread of the very criminal forces that undocumented aliens are fleeing by coming to the U.S.. We are simply NOT taking this threat seriously, and the left keeps making border security a race issue. It's not; it's a safety issue! Hello! Wake the F up!

Posted by: MistressOverdone at May 24, 2014 05:14 PM

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