Shameful! Gitmo Detainees Get Better, Faster Medical Care Than Our Veterans

While our veterans die waiting for medical care, terrorists are enjoying an entire medical staff at their beck and call:

By now most American have heard about the VA's infamous patient "secret wait lists" which reportedly contributed to the deaths of up to 40 veterans in the Phoenix area alone. Those patriots were American heroes who served our country proudly. Yet they were left to die waiting to see a doctor. [...]

Despite the fact that Al Qaeda terrorists carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks, killing 3,000 people in America, the admitted co-conspirators and their roughly 150 fellow jihadists at Gitmo have approximately 100 doctors, nurses and health care personnel assigned to them.

Doctors and medical personnel are at their beck and call. Got a cold, a fever, a toothache, a tumor, chest or back pain, mental health issues, PTSD? No problem, come right on in. Military doctors are waiting to see you.

The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

Posted by: DMartyr at 06:13 PM


1 Yes, but remember, under President for Life Barry, Muslims are members of the Preferred Class. So they get Special Treatment in his regime.

Service men? Many of them are "white" so they need to be punished as many ways as possible.

/all of you "white" Democrats, hope you're enjoying the "change" that your messiah has brought...

Posted by: Vyx at May 22, 2014 07:02 PM

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