Successful American Author Whines About Lack Of Liberty

Apparently, blacks don't get the same liberty as whites in America.


Of course, it must be true since we never see any really successful, accomplished blacks. There has never been a black president, or billionaire black business women, or popular black entertainers, or...

Oh, wait. Never mind.

Tweeters respond:




Posted by: DMartyr at 08:18 AM


1 Ms Taylor never opened her eyes, experienced the world and breathed good air. I guess UPS will deliver her version of "liberty" to her one day soon in one of those bubble envelopes. <sigh> How do you say "dumb ass" politely?

Posted by: Bubbe at April 21, 2014 08:43 AM

2 Any chains are her are ones she willingly put on.

Posted by: Rob Crawford at April 21, 2014 08:29 PM

3 Wow!

Those are three PERFECT comebacks.

Posted by: Pastorius at April 22, 2014 07:41 AM

White Privilege means being 100% responsible for your action's, your behavior and your station in life.
It means not having anyone to blame but your self for your deeds and what they do.
It means being civilized in spite of being told being civilized makes you an Uncle Tom.

Posted by: obsidian at April 22, 2014 02:02 PM

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