Jihad Jane Co-Conspirator Ratting Friends Out

Mohammad Hassan Khalid's sentencing hearing has been postponed, yet again. Apparently he's been spilling so many beans that the Feds want to keep him on hold for a few more months. After that, it looks like some jail time and then deportation back to Pakistan:

Khalid has provided substantial cooperation to the feds since his arrest, the government wrote. "He met approximately 20 times with government agents from this district and elsewhere. He has talked about his activities for dozens of hours, reviewed scores of written documents. . . . There can be no doubt that Khalid's assistance advanced multiple national security investigations in important ways."

Yet, Khalid's "status as a young U.S. terrorist recruit has captured the world's attention, and this sentencing presents an important opportunity to send a strong message to others in his position who might be enticed by online extremists promising fame and honor," the feds added.

Because Khalid is not a U.S. citizen, he is expected to face deportation proceedings and could be sent back to Pakistan after he serves his sentence.

Incidentally, the mastermind of the plot, Ali Charaf Damache, is still fighting extradition from Ireland.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:26 AM


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