Another Bombing in Russia

If you still think we have common cause with Russia over al-Qaeda, you're way effing wrong.

nother deadly blast has struck the southern Russian city of Volgograd, killing at least 14 people and further highlighting Russia's security challenges as it readies to host the Winter Olympics in less than six weeks.

An explosion hit a trolleybus near a busy market during the morning rush hour Monday, a day after a blast at Volgograd's main train station killed 17 people and wounded at least 35 others.

Posted by: Howie at 08:39 AM


1 Very sad to see this.

The Russians are good people. The Allies would never have won WWII without the help of the Red Army (meaning the Nazis had to fight on two fronts at once).

I would like to see the Russians carpet-bomb the Islamic shithole of Chechnya for at least two weeks. Get every asset in the Russian army and air-force and tell them to **go for it**. Two week open season no bag limit.
Bombers, artillery, rockets - the whole lot.

Posted by: Shadowman at December 30, 2013 03:59 PM

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