Where's Rusty? Joining the 'Cyber-Militia'

It's kind of a good idea, in theory. If we're ever under a real cyber-attack -- and by 'real' here, I mean large scale -- then you call up the 'cyber-militia' to counter it. I'll be first in line to volunteer. Howie, too. Provided the cyber-attack is connected to Kate Upton nude video containing malicious phishing code. He'd gladly spend hours working on that.

Ars Technica;

Part of the funding bill passed by Congress this week includes provisions that call for the Department of Defense to formally consider the creation of a part-time civilian force to assist in times of cyberattacks...

Some countries already have volunteer civilian "cyber militias"—Estonia, for example, has a civilian cyber reserve that it put together after cyberattacks on the country's national Internet infrastructure that appeared to originate from Russia. Maryland has created a cyberwarfare unit as part of its Air National Guard. But the Defense Department has resisted previous efforts by members of Congress to establish National Guard "Cyber and Computer Network Incident Response Teams" in every state.

Yeah, I'm not sure every state needs a Guard Unit dedicated to countering cyber-attacks. Isn't that kind of the whole idea behind cyber-threats? That they're non-spatially related? So, this seems like Congress just trying to get more of those fat DOD dollars directed homeward.

But still, I like the idea in general. I'd even go farther. Why not an army of cyber-privateers?

Oh, thanks to @switch_d

Posted by: Rusty at 03:13 PM


1 'Black List' by Brad Thor. I believe it was the last one he wrote.

Posted by: EROWMER at December 20, 2013 04:17 PM

2 The problem with people who have a proclivity for 'cyber warfare' is that they tend to not be trustworthy. Given our administration's inability to employ people with patriotic and honorable people, I would find it very difficult for the public and/or the government to put their faith in these peoples' duties and loyalty - they would sooner be the ones to steal our information than to stop it from happening; it would high-paying job with potentially dangerous repercussions for the public.

examples: Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden

Posted by: Ty520 at December 21, 2013 12:45 PM

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