War Porn: IDF Targets Weapons Manufacturing Facility in the Gaza Strip

Video footage of yesterday's (Nov. 19) targeting of a weapons-manufacturing facility in the southern Gaza Strip. Secondary explosions prove the facility was in fact storing illegal weapons.

Yesterday (Nov. 19), soldiers reported rocket fire while operating in the vicinity of the security fence. In response, the IAF retaliated and targeted a weapons-manufacturing facility, two terror tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, and a location used for terror activity in the northern Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed:

Posted by: Howie at 10:25 AM


1 Lousy neighbors. Now is the time to place a bid for the newly opened goat pasturage. Very clean acre, slight depression in the center.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at November 20, 2013 05:00 PM

2 woof...woof whats that? the big dog taking a bite out of yo sorry asses! time to bulldoze the whole neighborhood

Posted by: slugoon at November 20, 2013 05:49 PM

3 Hamas: "Just because you got secondary explosions does not mean we had explosives there. In fact, you juice are lying and there was no bombing in our whole state that used to be Israel."

Posted by: Kafiroon at November 20, 2013 07:00 PM

4 Looks like The Juice hit the right spot.

Posted by: crackermike at November 21, 2013 09:47 AM

5 Keepin the holy land holey.

Posted by: Greyrooster at November 23, 2013 08:18 AM

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