Appeals Court Upholds al Qaeda Blogger's Conviction

Boston local Tarek Mehanna was dealt a blow Wednesday when a federal appeals court upheld his conviction of aiding al Qaeda by providing translation to their media arm. Mehanna was well known on the forums and ran his own Iskandari blog.

The ACLU and various Islamist front groups like CAIR and MPAC said that by helping al Qaeda Mehanna was simply exercising his free speech rights. An argument completely and totally rejected by the appeals court:

The appellate court at times took a dismissive tone in addressing Mehanna's arguments to overturn his conviction. Some were cast aside as "meritless," while others were described as "convoluted theories" and "fishing in an empty stream." ...

The argument that Mehanna merely engaged in protected speech can only be accepted by "looking at the evidence through rose-colored glasses..." the court ruled. "His coconspirators testified that [Mehanna] persistently stated his belief that engaging in jihad was 'a duty upon a Muslim if he's capable of performing it,' and that this duty included committing violence. The evidence further showed that, following United States intervention in Iraq, the defendant concluded 'that America was at war with Islam,' and saw American 'soldiers as being valid targets.'"

How al Qaeda was this guy? We found out about his first (there were more to come) arrest by none other than Ishallahshaheed -- you know, Samir Khan who got droned along side of Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.

So, have fun with that whole cornhole thing there Tarek!

Posted by: Rusty at 02:47 PM


1 Great stuff! Well done, Appeals Court!

"Hey Mehanna, I'm Bubba and I'm gonna ream your big flabby butt......" :D

Posted by: Shadowman at November 15, 2013 03:25 PM

2 Aiding and abetting the enemy is "free speech"? Well, blow me over with a feather but that is self-righteous bullshyt .. to be expected from cair, mpac, isna, our precious resident terrorist supporters. Spit!

Posted by: Bubbe at November 15, 2013 03:47 PM

3 Oh yeah, tarek, rot in your version of hell if the corn holers don't finish the job.

Posted by: Bubbe at November 15, 2013 03:48 PM

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