Obama's Filibuster Proof Democrat Majority Served America a Sh*t Sandwich

Now they ask, "Would you like some mustard on that?".

Obamacare is the product of a brief moment of total Democratic dominance in Washington. Key to that dominance was a 60-seat, filibuster-proof Senate majority. It wasn't a sure bet for Democrats; despite victories in 2008, the party's hopes for that majority depended on the defection of formerly Republican Sen. Arlen Specter and the outcome of a contested race in Minnesota. After a controversial recount, Al Franken became the 60th Democratic senator on July 7, 2009, giving Democrats an unassailable edge.

...But that was long enough to pass Obamacare. Now, Obama is suffering the consequences of relying on just one party. When problems arose with his signature legislative achievement, he had no Republican support to help him out. None.

Yes mustard! We'd like lots and lots of mustard, thank you very much.

Got enough for all 93 million of us?

Posted by: Howie at 10:51 AM


1 Obama owns it, he broke it and the democrats are gonna make the taxpayer pay for it.
No, ya just do not rate mustard with a democrat made shit sandwich.
Millions who lost their cheap health insurance today ask Mr. Obama what happens now that Affordable healthcare, aka shit sandwich, cannot and will not work what should they do being now WITHOUT ANY HEALTHCARE INSURANCE for healthcare insurance and Mr. Obama replied, "GO SHOPPING" for more expensive policies until the Obamacare goes on line...AGAIN.. November 30 2013.
Fo' Shizzle you say!
That shit sandwich is made on white bread.

Posted by: obsidian at October 31, 2013 11:33 AM

2 Republican support to help him out? Wouldn't it be better to say, no Republicans to blame?

Posted by: TimothyJ at October 31, 2013 12:57 PM

3 "At this point what difference does it make?!!!" I noticed that the narcissistic kenyan bastard has set himself up to take the credit when the Ocare website finally comes online. Saying, "I take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed ASAP." The clown won't take any responsibility for it's failure or any of his many failures. And Al Franken sucks balls. What more could you expect from a washed-up, unfunny, crappy, and broke comedian. All that is left is American politics at that point. I write letters to Al Frankenstein and our other wothless hippy senator Amnesty Klobitcher and recieve nothing but an automated response. I guess there to busy trying to legalize drugs and pushing everything gay to worry about small things like the list of Bronco scandals and his administrations contempt for our Constitution. I am ashamed of Minnesotans interest in politics. The majority up here are to F'in stupid to make an informed vote. Remember they voted for Jesse "the body" Venture for Govenor. What a hoot..... Now let's try a guy from Saturday Night Live to represent us in the senate.

Posted by: Abrog8 at October 31, 2013 01:14 PM

4 Yesterday, by coincidence I had to mature men mention that they will not watch Fox news. "Ignorance is bliss" up here in Gods country.

Posted by: Abrog8 at October 31, 2013 01:17 PM

5 The mainstream press is still silent on the ticking bomb . Obama's transparent motive to delay the Employer Mandate must embarrass even Rachael Maddow.
President Pinoccio has put off screwing his middle class progressive voters for a year.
But even a progressive is going to hate the Bald Faced Liar when they start paying Higher Premiums for Higher Deductables.
They just won't start hating him in the 10's of millions until AFTER the Mid Term elections next year, when they have already cast their vote for the dems again.

Posted by: BIF at October 31, 2013 02:59 PM

6 America will get its revenge on these arrogant leftists. Their shit will come back to haunt them...

Posted by: hamlitonarfed at November 01, 2013 10:43 AM

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