Report: Afghanistan Supporting Pakistani Taliban, Pakistan Supporting Afghan Taliban

For years I've been trying to start a war between India and Pakistan. The simple logic being that Pakistan ought not to exist, and I'd rather India nuke them than us. The problem with this is that so many Indians would die in the process. I like Indians.

But maybe I had that all wrong. Maybe we should give nukes to Afghanistan? Afghanistan is gone, Pakistan is gone. Win-win:

According to the article, which cites unnamed US and Afghan officials, the government of President Hamid Karzai is courting the Pakistani Taliban, who are close to what's left of Al Qaeda in region, as a way to counterbalance the Pakistani military's support for the Afghan Taliban...

But the Times story says the actual purpose of Mehsud's visit was to promise aid to the Pakistani Taliban in their fight. It's a cheap way for Afghanistan to project force and influcence inside Pakistan and, in theory, make Pakistan more amenable to Afghan positions at future negotiations.

Now, not content to be merely the target of a proxy war, the Afghan government decided to recruit proxies of its own by seeking to aid the Pakistan Taliban in their fight against Pakistanís security forces, according to Afghan officials. And they were beginning to make progress over the past year, they say, before the American raid exposed them.

Okay, so we don't give them nukes. Worst case scenario: Afghan and Pakistani Taliban are so busy attacking Afghanistan and Pakistan that they lose interest in killing us.

Again: win-win.

Yeah, I know it won't play out exactly like that.

You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one......

Posted by: Rusty at 12:03 PM


1 War between India and Pakistan? Tech support would go to the shitter.

Posted by: Abrog8 at October 29, 2013 12:09 PM

2 Rusty: Don't over think the simple.
1. Are both groups moslim? Yes.
2. Are both groups fanatics? Yes.
Solution simple. they will kill everyone else and then start killing others in their groups.

Posted by: Kafiroon at October 29, 2013 12:32 PM

3 silver lining: median global body odor improves significantly.

Posted by: wooga at October 29, 2013 01:17 PM

4 Nuke both of them.

Posted by: adam at October 29, 2013 06:38 PM

5 No surprises, because after all if you were a leader of Afghanistan and your neighbour is training terrorists to attack you. You won't accept it, you'll fight back and do the same to them. Also don't forget not only the Pakistani Taliban is getting some kind of support from Afghanistan, but also the Baluchi separatists fighting against the Pakistani army in Baluchistan are also backed by the Afghan government. Of course the Afghan government is not openly going to admit it.

Posted by: Birbal Dhar at October 30, 2013 05:25 AM

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