Sandcrawler PSA: Obama HR Policy

Letting Americans Die in Benghazi, no biggies, $634 million pet rock website, let it slide.

Anonymously Tweet snarky opinions about everyone in Washington, and do it pretty well.

METAdata#@! Call the NSA! This dude must be found and terminated immediately!

A White House national security official was fired last week after he was exposed as the mystery tweeter who had been making insulting comments about Obama administration foreign policy officials and leaking internal information for more than two years.
The worst part is that Mr. Joseph apologized for being an ass on the internet.

Um that's what the internet is for, he should have told them to suck his, well you know.

Posted by: Howie at 10:50 AM


1 They cost us tax payers more money in overtime to fix the stuff they broke!

Plus in 2007 the screwed-up the IRS system and that cost us more money too.

Here is the problem, CGI Group/CGI Federal

The company that designed the health care web site:
CGI is a Canadian company (see Wikipedia below)
The company that brought us Health Care, is the same company that brought the problems to the IRS site back in 2007!

With each screw-up, it cost the taxpayers more money and CGI employees make more overtime pay, to fix the problems CGI created!
There have been problems with CGI Group in the past.

It was the new IRS database they installed a few years ago and had all
kinds of problems, which means extra work on a Gov. contract for CGI,
which cost you and I, the taxpayers. Yes, it was! and here: Also in-part
below: You will get a security warning, just add an exception to it:

News. More below on CGI screw-ups:
Over the past few weeks, if you've been paying attention at all to the ... CGI Group has 72,000 employees in 400 offices worldwide many of them in .... with CGI to build, says the problem lies more in a federal...

Posted by: Phil at October 23, 2013 12:39 PM

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