Terror Financier Arrested in Belgium

This guy was the financial chief for a group working out of Spain and North Africa. They send recruits down the pipeline to Syria, where said recruits blow themselves up:

Spanish authorities say Belgian police have arrested a suspected top member of a terrorist recruitment network based in Spain that allegedly sent militants to carry out attacks for al-Qaida-linked groups in Syria.

A Spanish Interior Ministry statement said Ismail Abdelatif Al Lal was arrested Thursday in Vilvoorde, north of Brussels, on a European Arrest Warrant issued by Spain.

It's funny how these guys always think of themselves as way too smart and valuable for the suicide bomb work. But if they were the ones that were so smart, how come they're in jail?

Posted by: Rusty at 04:38 PM


1 Jail is where criminals go for graduate studies programs.

Posted by: EROWMER at September 26, 2013 09:20 PM

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