Extradition Hearings Begin in Ireland Over Man in Jihad Jane Plot to Murder Lars Vilks

Ali Charaf Damache was the ringleader in the Jihad Jane plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and commit other acts of terror in Europe. He's now fighting extradition to the US, claiming his "human rights" would be in jeopardy should he be transferred to the US for trial.

I dunno, is there a human right to cornhole virginity?

AN Algerian-born Irish citizen, who is wanted in the US on terrorism charges, planned for a group to train in explosives with al-Qa'ida in order to support terrorist attacks against US and European citizens, a court has heard.

Ali Charaf Damache (48), who has been living in Ireland for a decade, is wanted in the US to face charges relating to the conspiracy to provide material support for terrorists and attempted identity theft to facilitate an act of international terrorism.

Oh, yeah, Damache is also suing the Irish government over abusing his human rights in a Cork prison. He claims the other inmates and guards "insulted" him. No, I'm serious. If he thinks his rights are being violated when people insult him, I can't wait to see his reaction when they tell him to pick up the soap.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:27 AM


1 Ali Charaf Damache AKA Vinnie the punk and his niece Yemeni Jane need to be thrown in jail for supporting terrorism.

Posted by: Rightside at September 11, 2013 01:19 PM

Take it from an American with boots on the Emerald Isle.......The mooslime's extradition ain't gonna happen. And that's a fact!

The Irish are mostly Socialist Progressive Liberals and 90% are Catholics (in name only).

They see American simply as the land of tourist dollars, Disney World vacations and terrible Conservatives who own guns, torture innocents, jail and sometime execute human beings. That's against the Catholic "Sanctity-of-life" belief.

They believe in rehibilitation of any sinner. That includes murders, rapists and the most evil characters.

So the mooslime, who has lived on theIrish taxpayers for 10 years will never be sent to America.

Posted by: Toejam at September 12, 2013 02:44 AM


Hey He who punked Vinnie check this out:Another
example of the Irish
justice system:

'Largest facilitator
of child porn
on planet' to apply
for bail

A 28-year-old
Irishman – described by an FBI Special
Agent as 'the
largest facilitator of child porn on
the planet' - has been
granted permission by the High Court to apply
for bail.

US authorities want to
extradite Marques - who has
dual Irish-US citizenship - to face
trial on charges for distributing,
conspiring to distribute
and advertising child pornography.

If convicted in
the U.S. he faces up
to 30 years in jail.

The Irish
see 30 years in
jail as draconian
and cruel. Most murders
in Ireland are
out in 14 years or less.

He’ll be
granted extremely low
bail and disappear.

Posted by: Toejam at September 12, 2013 07:49 AM

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