*Sticky* Never Forget. Never Surrender.

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Posted by: Vinnie at 11:59 PM


1 Never forget.

Never surrender.


Posted by: shadowman at September 11, 2014 02:06 AM

2 Never forget. Never surrender. Never forgive.

Thanks, Shadowman.

Go away capt az troll.

Posted by: Bubbe at September 11, 2014 05:46 AM

3 Flag is up outside, I'm inside cleaning 'tools', again. Forget?
Hell No!

Posted by: Kafiroon at September 11, 2014 09:52 AM

4 Thanks for the hardwork Jawas and running this blog.

Posted by: Draki at September 11, 2014 01:47 PM

5 9-11 truthers and conspircy folks are scum, pure and simple.

Posted by: The Man from Athens at September 11, 2014 02:04 PM

6 Captain Shit for Brains is banned.

Kihnspiracy trolls can use another thread.

Posted by: Howie at September 11, 2014 02:56 PM

7 In honor of all those who died on 911 the local radio station 97.1 "The River Atlanta Ga." played their number one, top favorite patriotic song.
The Star Spangled Banner, played by "Jimmy Hendricks" how noble a sound that was, here on the anniversary of September 11 2014.
Somehow the effect fell somewhat flat.
Radio DJ's not your brightest bunch of banana's.

Posted by: obsidian at September 11, 2014 06:40 PM

8 Captain Shit for Brains is unbanned. For the moment ;-)

Posted by: Howie at September 12, 2014 08:01 AM

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