Egyptian Democracy: Mob Of 3000 Publicly Lynch 4 For Being The Wrong Kind Of Muslims

(An angry mob surrounds and beats one victim)

A direct democracy, unlike the representative democracy we enjoy in America, is nothing more than mob rule. A majority of the population decides the fate of the minorities.

This is a perfect example:

Sunni Muslim villagers killed four Shiite men on Sunday, accusing them of trying to spread their version of Islam, according to Egyptian security officials.

The four were beaten to death in Giza province, near the capital, Cairo, in one of the most serious sectarian incidents in Egypt in recent months.

The Health Ministry confirmed the death toll, adding that scores of Shiites were seriously injured in the attack.

About 3,000 angry villagers, including ultraconservative Salafis, surrounded the house of Shiite leader Hassan Shehata, threatening to set it on fire if 34 Shiites inside did not leave the village before the end of the day, according to the officials. When they refused, villagers attacked them, dragged them along the ground, and partially burned the house, the officials said.

So, Egypt, how is that 'democracy' working out for you?

(Hat Tip: TROP)

Posted by: DMartyr at 08:25 AM


1 Well, clearly, this is the fault of the JOOOOOOOOZ!!
For leaving Egypt and not being around to be lynched, that is...........

Posted by: MtTB at June 24, 2013 08:49 AM

2 I just finished reading Dr. Hanson's "A War Like No Other" about the Peloponnesian War and the parts about Athen's direct democracy is very enlightening. The mob would vote to execute their own great generals for setbacks that had nothing to do with said general. They would vote to execute thousands of POWs whenever their passions became inflamed.

A great read and highly recommended.

Posted by: Randman at June 24, 2013 08:57 AM

3 In India, Hindu villagers recently killed three police officers because of a wolf attack in their village. Only a racist couldn't see the connection.

Sunnis killing Shiites. That isn't even newsworthy. It's been going on for centuries. Who knows? Perhaps they were going to immigrate to Dearborn, Mich.
Which in my eyes would make this a good thing.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at June 24, 2013 11:26 AM

4 Notice the "children" at the front of the murderous mob...

Posted by: SDF at June 24, 2013 12:45 PM

5 "Notice the "children" at the front of the murderous mob.."
OJT. On the job training.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at June 24, 2013 03:48 PM

6 Actually, we're a representative republic, not a democracy, but I agree about Egypt.

Posted by: LKP at June 24, 2013 09:20 PM

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