Syrian War P0rn: Allah Will Guide Your Bullets (No Kill Edition)

"Ammo shortage? What ammo shortage? Brother Obama gives us all we want!":

More war p0rn below the fold.

Okay, who gave Muhammad a gun?

Fatimah offered herself for sex jihad only to discover it was her son's platoon!

Posted by: DMartyr at 06:38 AM


I have got to show these to my range boss.
He will die from laughter.

Posted by: OpenTheDoor at June 22, 2013 08:50 AM

2 It's one of those times were you really need an RPG to swat those gnats.

Posted by: MountainPatriot at June 22, 2013 09:11 AM

3 . . . a tad ineffective. These are the al queda retards that are fighting the iranian revolutionary guard and hezbollah? Seriously, even with Obama sending weapons to al queda, the streets should be flowing red.

Posted by: Mashoom's Moustache at June 22, 2013 09:43 AM

4 Watching the first video...
Rusty, try just following their example and hose down the woods without looking.
Who knows? you might get your deer!

Posted by: Kafiroon at June 22, 2013 09:52 AM

5 Hysterical!
It reminded me of herding cats. There were even "mommy" cats directing others.
CIA training ain't going to help either.

Islam isn't taking over the world this way. If it happens it is going to be by the womb, moving into your neighborhood, incessantly whining, suing, kidnapping our young daughters and making them sex slaves, going into politics, random killing of undefended innocents, taking positions of authority and constantly lying. (ref: prophetofdoom dot net)

Posted by: Piglet_U93 at June 22, 2013 10:32 AM

6 Greetings:

A man, wiser than I, once taught me to "Control yourself; Control your weapon; Control your target." Admittedly he was a bit of a, how shall I put it, control freak, but I am quite sure that he would not be pleased by our muslim brothers' demonstration.

Posted by: 11B40 at June 22, 2013 10:52 AM

7 Damn...they sure killed that pile of dirt! Now I see why they need the courts and 'creeping sharia' to take over most countries. Our rednecks would kick their sandy asses in a fire fight!

Posted by: frustrated Teacher at June 22, 2013 03:19 PM

8 I'm with post #5. Haven't other (so called minorities) proven this.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at June 22, 2013 03:44 PM

9 I'm pretty certain that the brick at the top of that pile is really, really dead.

Posted by: Frank Scarn at June 23, 2013 07:59 AM

10 Reminds me of a quote from the movie Predator. "We hit nothing".

Posted by: Tigger at June 23, 2013 11:18 AM

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