Constitution Teacher Goes Ballistic

I don't think she quite understands the concept of the 1st Amendment...

Boy, do I feel dumb. I never knew the word "car" was two syllables. I've been pronouncing it incorrectly all these years. We are never too old to learn from fine public school educators like the teacher in this video.

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:33 PM


1 The words Separation of Church and state are/were (?) in the Russian - Communist - constitution --

HOMESCHOOL anyone!!!

Posted by: C-Christian Soldier at June 20, 2013 12:55 PM

2 One, they should be uploading the video/audio as it shoots or transferring the video/audio before it gets confiscated.

Two, they should sue the snot out of her for assault.

You see libturds and DSP (Democrat Socialist Party) members among others attacking anyone speaking what they do not like. So transfer a large amount of money from them to your cause.

NSA Disclaimer: I'm 98, Deaf, Dumb and Senile.

Posted by: Kafiroon at June 20, 2013 01:00 PM

3 The amount of lunatic irony in this video is staggering. She rails about them videotaping her WHILE she is taping them. She commits assault and battery on the guy who NEVER threatened or touched her and then screamed about assault and needing protection from him. She teaches the constitution but doesn't know the part about not 'prohibiting the free exercise' of religion which she obviously hates. She acts as if just because SHE hates religion, these kids shouldn't have a right to exercise it in a peaceable manner. At one point she makes some kind of statement that what they are doing shouldn't be allowed in a PUBLIC place. I bet she thinks the Occupy groups are just peachy with what THEY do in public places. This woman is a perfect example of the Progressive Left in this country....perfect.

Posted by: frustrated Teacher at June 20, 2013 01:15 PM

4 Kudos to the guy with the soda who intervened. This lady might be a "classic liberal," but that guy is a "classical liberal." He was willing to defend the rights of people whose beliefs he didn't share. That guy gives me back the hope that this lady tried to take away.

Posted by: T.Y. at June 20, 2013 01:46 PM

5 Typical hysterical liberal with a case of the vapors who doesn't know shit about either the 1st Amendment to the Constitution or criminal law.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at June 20, 2013 02:23 PM

6 ...Just walk away, maam.

Posted by: HerWrath at June 20, 2013 02:28 PM

7 I just realized she gave him permission to film her and upload it to youtube in the first 10 seconds of the video. And knowing it would very likely end up on youtube, she still assaulted the guy. She needs an extended stay with the folks in white coats.

Posted by: Jedi Master Ivyan at June 20, 2013 03:39 PM

8 I don't believe she teaches ANYTHING She is just hateful hot air. Watching women like her makes me understand islams misogyny. I would love to slap her around.

Posted by: grego at June 20, 2013 05:43 PM

9 Why does the video reset just because I want to see comments ? And why does it reset when I post a comment ? Weird

Posted by: grego at June 20, 2013 05:48 PM

10 I truly hope she isnot a teacher.

Posted by: Bob Mulroy at June 20, 2013 06:08 PM

11 I think we just found a classmate of Bronco Bama!

Posted by: Willy at June 21, 2013 12:02 AM

12 Now That, could use a Burka complete with face covering.
And the beating that goes with it.

Posted by: Kafiroon at June 21, 2013 12:26 AM

The bitch is certifiable.

Hopefully, her blood pressure will rise and it'll be Stroke City.

Posted by: Toejam at June 21, 2013 01:07 AM

Heh, reminds me of the time I feigned incredulity, facial expressions only, at a princess' loud phone call in a crowded airport.
She went and got security, believe it or not, claimed in front of 100 witnesses I had assaulted her. It was hilarious, she then refused to fly on the same plane with me after being told if she wanted privacy, go somewhere else.
Got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Posted by: OpenTheDoor at June 21, 2013 10:20 AM

15 Impressive composure from the man taking the video and the woman with the bible and constitution. I'm sorry that this lady is supported by we the people and runs around hitting people and telling our kids incorrect things about our constitution.

Sadly, I bet she had a teacher tell her incorrect stuff too. It takes a lot of crazy to get our society this far in the hole.

Posted by: Dustin at June 25, 2013 12:02 AM

16 Just one cautionary note: Don't ever talk to the police without a lawyer present! 5th Amendment and all that. Never! The investigatory policeman is not your friend; he's there to do a job, which can be arresting you!
No police officer has ever been talked out of an arrest by a "cooperative person of interest".

Posted by: Earl T at June 25, 2013 08:48 AM

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