Sandcrawler PSA: Today is Natty F8ckemupFriday

It seems AQAP has run into a distribution problem.

Once again @th3j35t3r has come out and attacked two different sites today after they distributed Inspire Magazine.

Inspire Magazine is published an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and th3j35t3r has come out and taken down two sites for distributing this magazine.

The sites Ansar Al-Mujahideen ( and were taken offline with one displaying just a blank page and the other displaying a cloud flare currently offline page.

th3j35t3r tweeted the downs just a short time ago with the comments of “TANGO DOWN – for distributing Al-Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine:” and ”TANGO DOWN – another site pushing Al-Qaeda’s Inspire Mag -”.

Posted by: Howie at 11:13 AM


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