An Irony So Thick That It Needs No Explanation:
McCain Poses with Syrian Terrorist

John McCain-Mohamed-Nour-Syria-Terrorist.jpg

Daily Star:

U.S. Senator John McCain was photographed with a known affiliate of the rebel group responsible for the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims one year ago, during a brief and highly publicized visit inside Syria this week....

Two of the kidnapped, Anwar Ibrahim and Hussein Ali Omar were released in August and September but intense negotiations are still underway for the remaining nine, believed to be in the custody of the “Northern Storm” brigade, headed by rebel commander Ammar Al-Dadikhi, aka Abu Ibrahim. The Northern Storm Brigade also claimed responsibility for the kidnap of a Lebanese journalist in October....

According to families of the remaining captives and one of the released men, Anwar Ibrahim, one of the men standing alongside McCain in photographs released by the senator’s office, is Mohammad Nour, the chief spokesman and photographer for the Northern Storm kidnappers. Nour appears in several shots where McCain is posing with different officials.

U.S. Senator John McCain said on Wednesday, two days after meeting with rebels in Syria, that he is confident the United States can send weapons to fighters in Syria without the risk they will fall into the wrong hands.

"We can identify who these people are. We can help the right people," McCain said on CNN's program "Anderson Cooper 360."

Posted by: Rusty at 03:45 PM


1 face palm

Posted by: darthsmeag at May 30, 2013 04:35 PM

2 Currently there are no 'right people' fighting in Syria. Almost all of the decent Syrians evacuated. Age must be getting to McCain.

Posted by: Bubbe at May 30, 2013 04:43 PM

3 The New Republican slogan: "Vote for us, and we'll disappoint you in ways you can't even imagine. And that's a guarantee!"

Posted by: Vyx at May 30, 2013 04:58 PM

4 Greetings:

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a PBS Frontline program entitled "Syria: Behind the Lines". It was a documentary about a river valley in Syria in which the Sunni "rebels" were on one side of the river and the Alawite Assad supporters were on the other.

One of the things I noticed in the film, which was unremarked upon by the narrator, was that all the women on the Sunni side were hijab-ed up while none of the Alawite women on the other side were.

Me, I'm believing my lying eyes.

Posted by: 11B40 at May 30, 2013 05:20 PM

5 The way I see it, anytime muslims are busy killing each other, means less time they are killing non-muslims.

Posted by: free` at May 30, 2013 06:39 PM

6 He was hoping he would get taken prisoner again to help resurrect his political career.

Posted by: LaZrtx at May 30, 2013 06:59 PM

7 And to think he had all those votes in the 2008 general election. We've always been at war with Eastasia..or Oceania..or whatever. Who all voted for him now?

Posted by: Bomp! at May 30, 2013 07:57 PM

8 Wonder why they call him McStupid?

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at May 30, 2013 10:03 PM

9 McCain going for the RINO award. The guy is a complete idiot.

Posted by: Abrog8 at May 31, 2013 08:43 AM

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