Tommy Robinson Discusses The EDL, The Woolwich Murder, And Islamic Fascism

The leftist media has painted the English Defense League as being violent and racist, not unlike the way its painted the Tea Party in America. For example, when Muslims organized a protest during which a war memorial was vandalized with pro-Islamic graffiti, the media quickly defended the protesters and pointed fingers at the EDL "troublemakers." EDL members and like minded citizens are being arrested for "racist" and "anti-religious" Facebook and Twitter postings, yet Islamist's calls for violence against non-Muslims goes unnoticed.

In fact, the EDL has acquired the "racist" label only for being anti-Islamic. Thinking people know Islam isn't a race. But in popular leftist dogma, anyone who doesn't embrace all cultures and ideologies (Christian Caucasian being the exception) is a "racist."

I don't always agree with everything EDL members do or say, nor would I condone violence or destruction of private property. But I do agree with the things Robinson is saying in the video. We must confront Islamic extremism and we must challenge the Government when it tries to suppress free speech.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:57 AM


1 Sorry, but the EDL are a bunch of skinheaded racists who, like the BNP have a fondness for swastikas and Nazi salutes. Do not be fooled by the words.

The night of the dreadful murder in Woolwich, the EDL took to the streets of Woolwich, shouting racist abuse and getting into conflicxt with the police. What was needed that night was a calm atmosphere not these thugs causing trouble.

Posted by: seanoll at May 27, 2013 11:24 AM

2 #1 - do you have some evidence to back that up? Pictures of the swastikas? Video of racist shouting? Something besides the leftist media reporting it unconfirmed? Please make certain it is representative of EDL members as a whole and not just a single person with an agenda.

From what I've seen, these charges against the EDL are no more credible or accurate than the unfounded charges against the Tea Party. The Tea Party has long been accused of carrying nazi symbols and shouting racist insults, but there has never been a shred of proof other than the claims of biased reporters and leftist pundits.


Posted by: DMartyr at May 27, 2013 11:35 AM

3 What was needed that night to establish the proper atmosphere in relation to the barbaric murder of British Soldier, was several mosques burning to the ground.

Posted by: Kafiroon at May 27, 2013 12:09 PM

4 Islam is non-reformable. It is not possible to practice islam and not follow quran as quran is the only law according to itself. Those who gave the oath to Allah and became muslims cannot follow anything other than quran.

As islam is non-reformable, there is no possibility of solving the problem of muslim violence - jihad, holy war - by the peaceful means. Sad reality is that you cannot negotiate with the muslims.

There are unfortunately only 2 solutions: separation (deportation of all muslims into the traditionally muslim countries) or fight.

I do not hate the muslims. Actually I do not hate anyone at all. Perhaps pity them, but do not hate. Objective reality is what I am talking about. Take it or leave it, but we only have 2 choices if we want to survive.

The governments will do nothing. They are either paralysed by terrorist reputation of muslims, or bought with zakaat funded bribes.

You can treat this as lunacy or prophecy - up to you. If by 2050 we did not solve the problem, it will be too late.

Posted by: HerWrath at May 27, 2013 01:33 PM

5 #2 D Martyr Nazi salutes? sure a bunch I used "google" dp you want links to videos? will YOU then post them for all to see?
There are literally HUNDREDS that you can choose from
Please post your fav for all to see.
EDL is also BIG on holocaust denial
Nice friends you got there.!

Posted by: occam at May 27, 2013 05:15 PM

6 The EDL had a small Jewish Division. But the leader quit in 2011 said that there was Nazi stuff going on.
Although she described the EDL as "doing a fantastic job" she said the party had been hijacked by elements who wanted to use it "for their own Nazi purposes".

Posted by: occam at May 27, 2013 05:25 PM

7 HerWrath @ 4-
We don't have until 2050. Oh, no mam, we don't.

Posted by: EROWMER at May 27, 2013 05:31 PM

8 #4 most muslims take their religion only a bit more seriously tthan do christians. In 1976 I was offered 2 ounces of silver for each ounce of Johnny walker Black in Kabul.
Indonesia the country that has the LARGEST muslim population is the 6 th largest importer of alcohol in the world
And bikinis are all over their beaches

Posted by: occam at May 27, 2013 05:43 PM

9 #5 #6 - After researching a bit I have found that some neo-Nazis groups, such as Combat 18, have used EDL protests for their own agenda, but I found nothing to suggest the EDL promotes those groups. Attempt to connect such hate groups to the EDL reminds me of the left's attempts to connect Robert Spencer to Anders Breivik, as though a mere mention of one by the other equates to a close relationship.

Most the charges of "racism" against the EDL comes solely from the organizations stance against Islam. (I don't think I need to remind you that Islam is not a race.) Since the EDL has open protests in which anyone can join, I would concede that the protests could attract unwanted elements. But that doesn't make the EDL nazis any more than Westboro Baptist attending a Tea Party would make whole Tea Party anti-homosexual.

Posted by: DMartyr at May 27, 2013 07:05 PM

10 Greetings:

Some subtitles would have been helpful.

Posted by: 11B40 at May 27, 2013 07:41 PM

11 The Nazis may have a presence in the EDL. But the Jawa Report has been taken over by the Jews. All this Memorial day stuff by Stable Hand and DMartyr should not be coming from them. You can bet neither of them ever served this country. In fact I seriously doubt that any of their relatives ever have. Now bring forth the lies.

Posted by: Texican at May 27, 2013 07:45 PM

12 Something else about the EDL I've discover while researching - The group United Against Fascism, a far -left group, often attends EDL protests attempting to provoke violence from the EDL members. UAF frequently chants "Nazis!" during the protests. Some attending the protests have mocked the UAF with nazi salutes.

Mocking certainly isn't the same as supporting. Another example, some democrats sent out a fund-raiser letter stating
Tea Party members carried signs with nazis slogans or symbols. In truth,
the protesters were accusing the IRS of fascist tactics. They were not
expressing any support of nazis or Hitler. But the left deliberately misrepresented the protesters.

I'm just looking for specific instances in which the EDL expresses "racism" or displays swastikas. I keep seeing the liberal media refer to "racist shouts" or "nazi signs" but they never show any evidence. Just like the accusation against the Tea Party using racial slurs, video proves it never happened, but we still have leftist pundits insisting it did.

I'm not saying it has never happened. I'm saying I don't trust the media to accurately report it.

(For those who don't know the UAF, the group has demanded that the government bans speech and peaceful marches for groups they don't like, such as the EDL.)

Posted by: DMartyr at May 27, 2013 08:25 PM

13 Dingbats like Seanoll are why I'm a racist. It's a choice people like Seanoll make for you. I'm one of the very few members of the Tea Party who is an overt racist and damn proud of it. I expect the EDL has a few like myself who speak out. Racists aren't born. They're made by the Seanolls of the world. You can't fight Islam unless you admit to being a racist. It's like saying the NAACP isn't worth crap. You're an automatic racist.
OUTLAW ISLAM and return England to the English. The sooner the better because the Muslim problem is greater today than it was yesterday.
As far as this Nazi crap is concerned it's all bullshit. I once asked a biker why he had a swastika on his arm. He said because it looked cool.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at May 28, 2013 02:34 AM

14 Wow, greyrooster, as an Englishman and rightwinger it is so nice to be lectrured about my country.

Firstly, who are the English? Are they people from before the Norman conquest - not many can prove their genealogy there. Half of my family came from Fance in the 17th century to escape religious persecution for being protestant. Am I English? What about 2nd generation immigrants who are born and brought up in England? Are they English?

Really the only people who can truly claim to be English would be the Beaker People but they are lost in prehistory - probably wiped out by interlopers.

So, treasure you ignorance along with you racism because stupid people like you are what gives the righht wing such a bad reputation.

Posted by: seanoll at May 28, 2013 03:10 AM

15 So you claim it's your country? Most here don't. Read the comments more often.
You claim not to be an Englishman. Okay. Then go ask those that claim to be Englishmen what an Englishman is.
We have those like you in American also. They say the exact thing you do.
Some of us Americans know what an American is. Which is more a state of mind than where my ancestors came from. To bad you don't.
The right doesn't need pussies. We need patriots. The EDL are patriots. Your own statements show that you aren't.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at May 28, 2013 03:49 AM

16 Wow, yet again. I AM an Englishman, do try and read the post (with or without moving your lips, I care not).

The EDL are an offshoot of the BNP which is, in istelf, an offshoot of the National Front. The National Front whose paper, the Bulldog, used to have, as a strpline beneath the banner, "for the true interpretation of Marx". They are patriots in the same way as Hitler and Mussolini were patriots - the are nation al socialists. You may wish otherwise but I have seen these dogs over the last 40 years spreading there vicious ideology and they debase the body politic.

Obviously, you know virtually nothing abouty the history of the British Isles yet feel obliged to pontificate on such. When you have studied in depth then feel free to talk about it in such terms.

Posted by: seanoll at May 28, 2013 03:58 AM

17 Typical lefturd posing as a right winger. Assuming you know more than others. Don't like the patriotic groups in England or other places. Move to the middle east. It takes extremism to combat extremism. You seem worried about racist hoodlums fighting against an invasive species that threatens their religion, country and freedom. Those like you set themselves up for defeat. Yes, by all means agree with the police controlling groups like the EDL from taking to the streets while allowing Muslims to run amuck. FRIGGIN IDIOT. Like I said. Lefturd in disguise. The French in the UK. Is that as bad as Muslims in the UK?

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at May 28, 2013 05:07 AM

18 Oh dear, greyrooster, you really are getting desperate aren't you. Anyone who disagrees with you must be leftwing! Pathetic. You might be surprised to discover that most right wingers are not racist or anti gay or any of the other little perverted theories you espouse.

I do not agree with anyone running amok, EDL or Islamist and would like to see thew police controlling the activities of both.

You, however seem to like the idea of beating up innocent people in response to the activities of nutcases.

So, one side of my family having lived in England for over 300 years makes me still French? As you apparently live in America, what does that make you?

Posted by: seanoll at May 28, 2013 07:12 AM

19 Hey, at least he didn't use the word "chief", I'll take that as in improvement.

Posted by: Odie Wan Kenodie at May 28, 2013 07:46 AM

20 occam is a dhimmi and a part of the problem. We'll lump you with the muslims when time comes.

Posted by: HerWrath at May 28, 2013 08:06 AM

21 Its only beginning. Stupidity and arrogance will take the muslims into acts which will cross a line enough people will decide is enough.

Leftards will try to cover it up, but they WILL be counted as siding with our enemies when the end comes for them.

Mass deportations for Isamists who have proven (and by then murderously) to be incompatible with Civilization, right in front of the First World countries where it no longer can be covered over or tolerated.

Teh leftist press who have aided and abetted them will suffer worse for their crimes.

Posted by: trifector4 at May 28, 2013 08:52 AM

22 RIGHT F---ING ON. Islam is bad for American. Why can't we see what is happening in Europe and learn from it. If they can't be Americanize they need to leave. It's estimated that 1/3 of the immigrants to America went back to their homelands. There is no reason Muslims who are unhappy here can't do the same. I will always call to deport those who don't fit in. If they can't be happy here then they can be happy elsewhere. It's that simple.

The other question is those radicals who attack America because of it's stance on Israel. That is another matter and should be addressed as a separate issue. Terrorists are terrorists and terrorism has become a lifestyle more than a religious issue.
Muslims that don't like America have no business here. Nor should we be in Muslim lands. No Muslim country has attacked America. We're dealing with sick fanatics and those who are just evil.

Posted by: teacher at May 28, 2013 04:30 PM

23 Not Tony Robinson - I have a cunning plan....

Posted by: treverhaar at May 29, 2013 10:16 AM

24 "It's estimated that 1/3 of the immigrants to America went back to their homelands."

question about that statistic :

immigrants includes illegal variety ??

- mexicans who make up the largest part of those go 'back' and forth constantly

Posted by: treverhaar at May 29, 2013 10:20 AM

25 I believe he was talking about the original mass migration during the early 1900s. Which is true. The vast majority were from Europe.

Posted by: GREYROOSTER at May 29, 2013 05:36 PM

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