Syria: Speaking Of Hezbollah

Phillip Smyth has an excellent post at Foreign Policy titled "Hezbollah's Fallen Soldiers".

He has been compiling of list of "Hezbollah Cavalcade' aka their deaths using pro-Hezbollah social media sites including Hezbollah's official announcements.

"The presence of veteran fighters in Syria underlines the importance of this campaign for Hezbollah"

Hezbollah is throwing its men into battle in the Syrian city of Qusayr, and many are returning to Lebanon in coffins. Through their funerals and commemorations posted on pro-Hezbollah Facebook pages, we are now getting a sense of the casualties that the self-proclaimed "Party of God" is suffering as it joins the Syrian conflict on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

It's no secret why Qusayr is a vital piece of real estate for both the Syrian regime and the Lebanese paramilitary group. The city is a strategic link in the Syrian communications chain, connecting the capital of Damascus, Syria's Alawite-dominated coastal highlands, and Hezbollah's heartland in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley. The Lebanese border is only a few miles to the city's west, and the Damascus-Aleppo highway lies to its east.

Hezbollah maintains a tight lid on information about its fighters. The Lebanese paramilitary organization does not acknowledge that its fighters are being killed in Syria, and employs vague language to explain their deaths: All fighters who have been killed in Syria are said to have died performing their "Jihadist duties." Secretary of State John Kerry said on May 22 there were "several thousands" of Hezbollah fighters engaged in combat in Syria.

But Hezbollah can't conceal the reality of their fighters' deaths in Syria entirely. The group often announces a fighter's death on the day of the funeral, or a day before it. These funerals are carefully scripted, and access by non-Hezbollah media is severely restricted. New York Times reporter Anne Barnard was even thrown out of a funeral when she was covering the death of Hassan Faysal Shuker, one of 12 dead Hezbollah members named by the organization during the height of the fighting in Qusayr.

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The article is well worth the read especially since Mr Smyth is well versed in this area.

Also, he has a new post up at Jihadology, a new edition to Jihadology

Expanding the Scope of Jihadology: Intro to the #HizballahCavalcade

What is Hizballah Cavalcade?

The new and improved Hizballah Cavalcade has now moved to its new home and will present new information here at Jihadology. Beginning as a humble Twitter hashtag ( #HizballahCavalcade) by Phillip Smyth, Hizballah Cavalcade initially sought to post photos of Lebanese Hizballah members killed in Syria and their funerals.

Hizballah Cavalcade will now also focus on (but is not limited to) organizations such as: Lebanon’s Hizballah and Harakat Amal (Amal Movement); Iraq’s Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq’s (League of the Righteous), Kata’ib Hizballah (Hizballah Brigades), and Liwa’a al-Yum al-Mawud (Promised Day Brigades); and Syria’s new Liwa’a Abu Fadhl al-Abbas (The Abu Fadl al-Abbas Brigade).

Snippet of his new post:
Hizballah Cavalcade: The Qusayr Meat Grinder: Hizballah’s Dead From May 20-May 25, 2013The five day period from May 20-25th saw a massive rise in the number of Hizballah funerals which occurred across Lebanon. There were also group funerals. One occurred in the Bekka city of Ba’albek and is shown below.

An undeniable trend, which has also become much more widespread, is the insistence that every dead Hizballah member was a “Defender” of Damascus’s Sayda Zaynab Shrine. During earlier announcements and funerals, the Zaynab Shrine and it’s protection were invoked quite regularly, but this shift demonstrates a more full acceptance of the narrative that all Hizballah members who are dying in Syria are “Protecting the Lady Zaynab”. On Facebook, albums holding the pictures of Hizballah’s dead from Syria have been entitled, “The Campaign to Defend Saydah Zaynab’s Shrine” to “Zaynab’s Defenders”. The narrative disregards whether these fighters were serving in the countryside near Qusayr, Damascus, or elsewhere within Syria. Instead, the main theme is that all actions executed in Syria are done to protect the Zaynab Shrine. Of course, this promotes more sectarian aspects of the war in Syria and with Hizballah’s involvement.

The listed Hizballah members were all confirmed by checking close to 30 pro-Hizballah and official Hizballah forums, Facebook pages, and websites[More..

Phillip Smyth is also a very funny dude.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:08 PM


1 Greetings:

Michael Yon also had an interesting article about Hezbollah a week or two ago. He seemed to think that the party was losing a good deal of its Lebanese Shia support in that the Israel issue was no longer what it used to be and that the party's heavy-handed ways were starting to grate on the local non-members.

Then again, I'm one who is a subscriber to Fouad Ajami's assertion that those are the lands of "I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; and, my cousin, my brother, and I against the stranger".

Posted by: 11B40 at May 25, 2013 03:41 PM

2 I see a lot if 5.56 and 7.62 weapons on these guys...srzly!? How do they handle their class-5 resupply? Go with one or the other for Christ's sake.

Posted by: Qalb-Al-Assad at May 25, 2013 04:09 PM

3 Is that all? I thought there should be more.
I think it is a good idea to post all these photos of dead jihadis.

Posted by: Kafiroon at May 25, 2013 07:15 PM

4 "I think it is a good idea to post all these photos of dead jihadis"

Others think it is a good idea to post photos of dead Zionists"

I think you both are sick people.

Posted by: shiraz at May 28, 2013 04:43 AM

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