Michael Clemente, Fox News' Executive VP Of News:
"We are outraged to learn today that James Rosen was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter"...

James Rosen deserved it, per liberal assmaggots, just like they have said about the IRS targeting conservative groups.

Via FNC:

The Justice Department obtained a portfolio of information about a Fox News correspondent's conversations and visits as part of an investigation into a possible leak, The Washington Post reported Monday -- in the latest example of the government seizing records of journalists.

This follows the charge that the department secretly obtained two months of phone records from Associated Press journalists as part of a separate leak probe. The department in this case, though, went a step further, as an FBI agent reportedly claimed there's evidence the journalist in question -- Fox News' James Rosen -- broke the law "at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator."

That detail would potentially send the case into unprecedented territory. No reporter has been prosecuted for seeking information. Such cases often target the suspected leaker, but not the journalist who published sensitive or classified information.

Michael Clemente, Fox News' executive vice president of news, defended Rosen in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

"We are outraged to learn today that James Rosen was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter,"

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The shocker here is that WaPo broke the story. Maybe they didn't think anyone would notice with a headline like this: A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe

Eric nation of cowards Holder yawns at the New Black Panther's voter intimidation scandal. Yawns again at Fast and Furious gun running scandal. Yawns yet again at AP scandal. Expect him to yawn yet again at this.

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Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:22 PM


1 The criminal Obama regime needs to be removed...

Posted by: Kuffar at May 20, 2013 03:36 PM

2 Chimpiie sucks.

Posted by: Mark at May 20, 2013 04:25 PM

3 Kuffar: You sound just so RACIST.

Posted by: Madashell at May 20, 2013 05:31 PM

4 What part of the Constitution do these leftists actually believe in (those that are not convenient to them at the moment but will abandon when not) ?

Nail by nail they build their own coffins, thread by thread the rope they will string themselves up on.

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out....

Posted by: whydedoken at May 21, 2013 01:40 AM

5 Holder should have been removed from office after the NBPP fiasco. I guess you are not held accountable under the law if you are black. Impeach the little poofter!

Posted by: Mark at May 21, 2013 09:04 AM

6 I am curious to see if Obozo's Gestapo tactics will burn him with the MSM. I am taking odds it will not. Good little leftists support leftist wankers.

Posted by: Mark at May 21, 2013 09:35 AM

7 Remember commies murders everyone else who even thinks they will share power ...

"Those who dont learn history, are...."

Posted by: heimlichmann at May 22, 2013 04:03 AM

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