CBS News' Sharyl Atkisson Describes Stonewalling From White House On Benghazi

Sharyl Atkisson hasn't let up, at all, in trying to get answers from the Bronco Bama Administration about Benghazi.

Via BigJ:

Carney: Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago
Obama To Ed Henry: I Am Unaware Of Anyone Blocked From Testifying On #Benghazi UPDATE: Rep Issa Responds

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:37 PM


That man is different from the pictures that were released. They must know who he is. What I want to know is whether or not this man is now dead. If not, why is he allowed to walk free?
Next question: What is Obama hiding when it comes to this affair?
Next question: When will his impeachment begin.
BTW it is a very bad thing if Obama starts giving guns and other materials to the opposition in Syria. These are not the same as the majority of the Libyan rebels. The element that was the worst happened to be only a small portion of those who were willing to get rid of Gadhafi. Some of them are still very pent up over the fact that they do not want any of the ex-Gadhafi officials having a position in government (what they fail to realise is that some of them have necessary expertise that needs to be passed on, but that is another story). Libya is an unfinished story.

Posted by: Aussie at May 02, 2013 04:16 PM

2 I think we can look more to the FBI than Obama to find who is covering what up. Posting the pictures of three suspects seven months after the fact is probably the fault of the FBI. Personally, I believe various branches of the government knew of the danger beforehand and minimized it. I doubt that Obummer was even advised beforehand. These things don't go to the top of the latter. Unless a screw up occurs.

Posted by: Average Whitewinger at May 02, 2013 04:48 PM

3 4 dead in Benghazi was more than a screw up. 4 dead, urgent requests for air support denied, the obvious failures from the top of the ladder explained away by a youtube video, Hillary screaming what does it matter, and now Carney saying it was a long time ago. Sheesh. These things go to the to of the ladder in a competent administration. The telephone call arrived and Obama went to bed for beauty sleep before his campaign trip to Nevada. Now potential witnesses threatened over testifying. This is a deathly scandal, as was Fast & Furious, and the coverups continue.

"I doubt that Obummer was even advised beforehand." The real questions are was Obama informed in the first crucial minutes, if so who informed him, what was his response, why air support was not committed to attempt a rescue, and who approved the youtube video red herring?

Posted by: angel with a sword at May 02, 2013 11:33 PM

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