Jordanian Journalist: The Juice & The Right Wingers Are Behind The Boston Bombing Just As They Were Behind 9/11


In an article titled "The Boston Explosions – Look For Jews" on the Jordanian website Ammon News, Palestinian-born Jordanian journalist As'ad Al-'Azouni, known for his antisemitic articles, wrote that the Jews and the "American right" were behind the recent Boston bombing, just as they had been behind the attacks of 9/11. He claimed that the bombing was meant to prevent U.S. President Barack Obama from discharging his second term in office in peace.

Al-'Azouni, several of whose articles have been translated and published by MEMRI, was recently fired from the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm for writing an article in which he blamed the Jews for all the wars, plots, and corruption in the world. [1] Following his dismissal, he wrote that it was MEMRI's publication of this article that had caused him to lose his job.[2]

The following are excerpts from his article on the Boston bombing:[3]


"It has been known for quite some time that the U.S. is at the epicenter of a Jewish plan to harm it by removing it from its throne as the world's only superpower – [a move that is] in accordance with the exploitative Jewish approach. [America's] fate will be no better than that of Great Britain, the womb from which Israel emerged. Nor will the Arab states that allowed the establishment of Israel be saved from the Jewish plan to annihilate them.

"Britain is the superpower that violated all laws, both natural and man-made, when it established Israel in order to rid itself of the Jews and create an English-Christian state purged of Jews. But after they grew strong in Palestine by emigrating [there], they expelled the British from Palestine, seeing [Britain] as an occupying state. And now they are destroying the Arab regimes that supported them.

"They [the Jews] made an alliance with the Nazi Hitler, who is considered to be the first Western leader who promised Palestine to them. They agreed to hand over the old and sick Jews, to be disposed of as Hitler saw fit, and in return, he allowed them to send the young Jews to Palestine. I do not know if [Hitler] did this knowingly, or was misled by the Jews, because after the war the Jews looted Germany on the grounds that Hitler had burned the Jews…

[Read the rest]

Gee, I thought Islamists wanted the world to be ruled by the Koran.

Psychological projection is Al-'Azouni best friend.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:20 AM


1 This like reading Platform at 2016 democrat convention.

Posted by: Kim at April 18, 2013 11:42 AM

2 "Yawn."

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at April 18, 2013 11:45 AM


Posted by: Mark at April 18, 2013 12:03 PM

4 Yet another example of that thing called "islamic logic"... the same logic that states brilliance like:

"There was no Holocaust" yet considers shitler a hero who should have "finished the job" of exterminating Jews

"9/11 was done by Jews" yet the "martyrs" Osama bin Ladin and the muslim 19 are considered heroes who did a great thing by the islamic world

The 20,000+ terror attacks perpetrated in the name of islam since 9/11/2001 were obviously all done by incredible Mossad infiltrations, and all of the pronouncements the islamic world over about committing jihad and achieving martyrdom for the sake of "allah" are of course Zionist plots to discredit the one true religion of peace, islam.

And if you say that islam is violent- we keel you.

Posted by: SDF at April 18, 2013 12:08 PM

5 When you dress a sub-simian mentaliy in a suit it is still a sub-simian mentality....

"Alliance with Nazi Hitler" ? ?

Are the 'smart' islamists who know tards like this (their bedfellows/birs of a feather, co-hatists) are not helping their cause just as scared of denouncing them (might get murdered in the streets) OR do most of them believe the same incredibly stupid lies (OR care little for any Truth). ?

Put it this way -- they will deserve the inevitable culling of their genes from mankind.

Posted by: tronyap at April 18, 2013 04:55 PM

6 I'd like to laugh but then I remember how many believe what he says. It's not his stupidity that is the danger. It's how many accept it as truth.

Posted by: Leo at April 18, 2013 07:39 PM

7 Its what neutron bombs are for...

That or the South Koreans make fine robotic oil field workers these days.... (after the plain ole nukes are used)

Posted by: tronyap at April 19, 2013 06:02 AM

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