PROVED FAKE: Photo of Palestinian Prisoner Maysara Abu Hamdiya Handcuffed to Bed

All ur Pallywood fakes are belong to the Juice

[IDF]The Israeli Prison Services spokeswoman, Sivan Weizman, explained that the prison had taken all the necessary precautions for Abu Hamdiya’s health, including transferring him to a prison closer to hospital facilities should he need them.

Hamdiya was arrested for his involvement in a terrorist acts in 2002 and passed away this week from effects of cancer.

Written on the image are the words “prisoner, commander and jihadist”, along with a profile picture of Maysara Abu Hamdiya.

The image implies that Abu Hamdiya handcuffed to a hospital bed. In reality, the arm pictured above is a cropped portion of a photo taken in Syria of a hospitalized rebel. The photo was originally published on December 8th, 2012.

h/t Amy

Thanks to Pallywood's cropped image, [In photos] Pali protesters clashed with the IDF over Maysara Abu Hamdiya's death

Posted by: Stable Hand at 08:51 AM


1 does any one ever believe any thing a ragheads say because they all are liars?

Posted by: bruce at April 06, 2013 11:38 AM

2 Taqquiya is what allows Muslims to lie to Infidels, but not to other Muslims.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at April 06, 2013 12:19 PM

3 In the United States inmates sent to public hospitals are handcuffed or chained to beds. Not all. But the violent ones. So what's the big deal with handcuffing a terrorists? I say, of course they should be handcuffed to hospital beds.

Posted by: Optimus at April 07, 2013 08:09 AM

4 Leftards and libtards gobble it up like a chicken pecking at corn in its own shit.

Remember --- for Leftists Truth is irrelevant and facts are things to be made up at need.

Posted by: ricksteeds at April 09, 2013 02:47 AM

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