Myanmar: The Coming Jihad

Myanmar (always Burma in my book) looms on the horizon as the next place where jihadists will congregate. It may not be on any one else's radar, but the Salaafis have been complaining about the Buddhist majority's treatment of Muslims for the past year. As the violence ramps up, I expect the international Islamists to begin to organize around the issue:

Anti-Muslim mobs rampaged through three more towns in Myanmar's predominantly Buddhist heartland over the weekend, destroying mosques and burning dozens of homes despite government efforts to stem the nation's latest outbreak of sectarian violence.

President Thein Sein had declared an emergency in central Myanmar on Friday and deployed army troops to the worst-hit city, Meikhtila, where 32 people were killed and 10,000 mostly Muslim residents were displaced. But even as soldiers restored order there after several days of anarchy in which armed Buddhists torched the city's Muslim quarters, the unrest has spread south toward the capital, Naypyitaw.

Burma better get its act together and put a lid on this before this turns into a full scale insurgency. People will only take so much oppression, and if there's anything we've learned over the past 10 years is that Muslims don't complain much when one group of Muslims are oppressing another group of Muslims. But when the kafir are responsible, the gloves come off.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:05 AM


1 Syria is the big fight. All the Salaafis are being sent there where they are fighting the religious war for the heart of islam with the Shia. Burma will have to wait until the ummah is unified and that means the crushing of Hezbollah and the defeat of Iran. They're all engaged and locked in in Syria. Divert sufficient forces to attack the Buddhists in Burma and you will risk the other side winning in Syria.

Posted by: faboutlaws at March 25, 2013 11:26 AM

2 Huh? Who are you backing in Syria, or who's forces are you talking about?

Posted by: Kafiroon at March 25, 2013 12:07 PM

3 To #2

I want both sides to win in Syria.

Posted by: faboutlaws at March 25, 2013 02:49 PM

4 Best get started early: good hunting, Buddhists.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at March 25, 2013 02:55 PM

5 and I might add that they are being helped by leftists and anarchists at twitter.

Posted by: Mean Kitteh at March 25, 2013 03:17 PM

6 Well I guess I'll just go along with faboutlaws and wish for them to have a swift large body count on both sides.
And pray Glorious Leader does NOT suck us into it.

Posted by: Kafiroon at March 25, 2013 05:50 PM

7 The Russians and Iranians are backing Assad. The United States is backing the rebels. This time I'd like to see Russia and Iran to win.
After and if Assad's Sunnis fall the first action will be the slaughter of them. Then the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah and whoever will concentrate on Jordan. After Jordan I honestly feel an all out ground assault on Israel in overwhelming numbers. Assad staying in power will slow things down. I'm bothered by the fact that he will then be beholding to Iran.
The United States should have shut up and kept out of this. But as usual we must always back the loser. Then the winner hates us for backing the loser and the loser hates us for not doing enough for them to win.

Posted by: Optimus at March 25, 2013 06:12 PM

8 Wonders what muslims did that pissed off normally mild Buddhists ???

Need more info.

Posted by: slipnottt at March 26, 2013 03:43 AM

9 The chances of a Muslim insurgency in Burma is the same as Ayman Al Zawahiri becoming the President of the USA. Muslims in Burma are a very small minority. In fact even in the area of Rakhane State, where most Muslims (most of them are illegal Bangladeshis) in Burma come from, they only represent 10% of the state, whereas the indigenous Buddhists (ethnic Rakhane) are 90%.

Posted by: Birbal Dhar at March 26, 2013 06:32 AM

10 Sounds like the Buddhists are the only ones who know how to deal with the Muslims; don't let them get a foothold, burn down their mosques.

Posted by: Exador at March 26, 2013 07:27 AM

11 Birbal Dhar: India. Muslims in the tiniest of minorities ruled it four hundreds of years. Buddists are normally peaceful. It's part of their religiion. Muslims normally aren't. It's part of their religion. Can one trained and dedicated Mixed Martial Arts fighter rule ten peaceful untrained people? You bet your ass they can. All of Southeast Asia and Africa was once ruled by tiny minorites. The Brits. The French. etc. The French once ruled Mexico. How many French did it take? Tiny Japan would have depopulated China if others had not interfered. Numbers mean nothing. Training, dedication, weapons mean everything.

Posted by: Optimus at March 26, 2013 07:41 AM

12 The Burmese are probably observing what's going on in Thailand and trying to get out in front of the problem.

A large mohammedan minority ALWAYS brings on a struggle for control.

So either the Burmese fight to keep mohammedan numbers down, or the Burmese will have to fight off a large mohammedan minority, but either way there's going to be a fight

Posted by: joeblough at March 26, 2013 03:26 PM

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