Two eHadis Arrested in France Planned Bombing

France has really stepped up to the plate lately. And with a socialist in office? Maybe this is one of those "only Nixon could have opened up China" moments?When the conservative arrests Muslims, it's Islamophobia. But when the socialist does it? Viva la France!

Two Frenchmen suspected of plotting terrorist attacks, making explosives and extremist activity online were detained Thursday, amid heightened concern about threats to France over its military campaign against al-Qaida-linked fighters in Mali.

Officials at the Interior Ministry and the Paris prosecutorís office say intelligence and police officers detained the young men Thursday in a house in Marignane near the Mediterranean port city of Marseille. Authorities were scouring the house for explosives or other evidence of terrorist connections. The suspects are French citizens, aged 18 and 20, the officials said.

Thanks to LauraW

Posted by: Rusty at 05:17 PM


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