Calling 911

Several Miami-Dade police officers were caught ignoring 911 calls:

Officer Socarras, Officer Jose Huerta and their Sergeant Jennifer Gonzalez were videotaped drinking coffee at a Casa Larios when an emergency call came in with an alert about an unconscious 5-month-old, police said in investigation records obtained by NBC 6.

Socarras was dispatched to the scene and despite being with his sergeant, he continued drinking his coffee. Nine minutes later he was cleared from the call, according to police.

If they ignore a call about an injured child, what other calls might they ignore?

(Un)Related: A pro-gun control Politico columnist believes there is no excuse to have a weapon in the house. Arguing against guns in homes, he writes:

"...the safest thing to do is to call 911."

Yeah, right.

UPDATE: Moshe reminded me - Chicago police have announced they will no longer immediately respond to certain 911 calls.

UPDATE II: Mark mentions this book, Dial 911 And Die. below the fold is a short video commentary about the book.

Posted by: DMartyr at 02:10 PM


1 Just minutes away...unless we're busy drinking coffee and eating donuts.

Posted by: jim at February 05, 2013 02:33 PM

2 Read where Chicago Cops will not respond to 911 calls for certain crimes like burglary, robbery and such where the suspect is not hanging around. Looks like more Chicagoan's will be packing heat.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at February 05, 2013 02:36 PM

3 I did.

Posted by: Kafiroon at February 05, 2013 02:40 PM

4 Calling 911 is safe. Waiting for their help to arrive: not so much.

Although, I've got to ask, how much help is a cop gonna be for an infant medical emergency? Don't you want EMS or something instead?

Posted by: Jedi Master Ivyan at February 05, 2013 02:43 PM

5 There is a book called " Dial 911 and Die." Most cops are good guys, but some are gubmint worker clowns.

Posted by: Mark at February 05, 2013 02:52 PM

6 You just can't find a cop to save your life. Literally

Posted by: Okie Wan Rednecki at February 05, 2013 09:31 PM

7 Some years back, I, Mrs. EROWMER, and Mrs. E's maiden auntie were in Colorado Springs visiting Mrs. E's father in the hospital. He wanted some Donut Mill donuts, and as Mrs.E was snagging a couple dozen of those, I turned in the driver's seat to talk to Auntie. I got a phone call that went- 'Mr. E, are you all right?' I said 'Yeah. Who is this?' They answered 'Colorado Springs P.D.' I asked 'Why are you calling me?' They said 'You called us.' Seems with the cell phone I had at the time, if you hold down nine, it dials 911. Which was what happened when the phone was pressed against the seatbelt buckle. We were living in Texas and had Texas phones, too. Thankfully, the only deaths that occurred that day was donuts.

Posted by: EROWMER at February 05, 2013 10:35 PM

8 Where I live they must answer all 911 calls. When one of my Grandsons was two years old he locked himself in my daughters car in front of our house. (my daughter took the keys from the ignition for some reason and left them in the car} The women paniced while the boy laughed at their efforts to get him to open the door. They then called 911 because it was summer and they were afraid it would get to hot. At best it would have been twenty minutes to get to my place. I called 911 back and told them there was no need for them to come. Why? Because I broke the rear window and opened the car. Four hours later a cop comes to the door in answer to the 911. I asked him why he came. He said they must physically answer all calls because they couldn't prove who called back. I said 4 HOURS LATER? He said when you cancel the call it goes to the bottom of the list. I can think of a hundred reasons against that policy but what the hell.

Posted by: Big Al at February 06, 2013 10:02 AM

9 This posting app sucks.

Posted by: Abrog8 at February 06, 2013 11:43 AM

10 The Chicago cops are the most corrupt in America. The town is run by criminals, like the little shit worm mayor. Make the Chicago PD do its job, and fire the corrupt slackers.

Posted by: Mark at February 06, 2013 01:57 PM

11 Que 911?

Posted by: Frank at February 07, 2013 12:03 AM

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