Caption This: Lord Of The Flies

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Obama seems to be menaced by flies. Quite often. Which is kind of "Exorcist" creepy, if you ask me.

So caption it. Speak for the flies or offer an explanation, however weird. You can email me Photoshop entries and I'll post it below the fold.

First Photoshop submission from Nana:

Obama flies.jpg
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This wasn't an official entry. I just found it while Googling and thought it was funny:


Posted by: DMartyr at 09:52 PM


1 can't fool a fly. they know a shit when the see it.

Posted by: moe mentum at January 24, 2013 09:55 PM

2 My momma always said, you attract more flies with shit than with vinegar.

Posted by: Dr. Eviler at January 24, 2013 09:58 PM

3 trust me - it's a personal hygiene problem.

Posted by: steve jobs at January 24, 2013 09:58 PM

4 hahahaha! lord of the flies!

Posted by: william golding at January 24, 2013 09:59 PM

5 and so the transformation begins.

Posted by: jeff goldblum at January 24, 2013 10:01 PM

6 Lord of the Flies is Ba'al Zebb.
The shoe fits.

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at January 24, 2013 10:25 PM

7 Maybe he likes going down on Michelle and her crotch rot odor attracts the flies?

Posted by: President Rome at January 24, 2013 10:30 PM

8 This guy is rotting from the inside out. This is the sign of the fly... one of the darkest omens known to Man.

Posted by: Richard at January 24, 2013 11:29 PM

9 Like a Fly on a Pile of Shit!
...Too Far?

Posted by: kzintius at January 25, 2013 12:13 AM

10 #6
Exactly what i thought. Very creepy.

A bad, bad omen.

Posted by: Vyx at January 25, 2013 12:38 AM

11 Beelzebub's (Satan's) name literally means "Lord of the Flies"

Liberals see Obama as THEIR Jesus, the Lord of the Flies

Posted by: Maria at January 25, 2013 01:31 AM

12 #'s 6, 10, and 11: Ditto. Couldn't have said it better.

Posted by: Major-General at January 25, 2013 02:05 AM

13 Don't you always see flies swarming about Kenyans in those National Geographic movies?

And #13 The Man who Cornhole others besides Mark-- where's the racist in any of the preceding statements? "Fly on shit"... hmmm... racist? No. True? Yes. SO once again you've wasted your time and energy posting fallacious drivel. We all know the most racist hate filled people in the USA are not White. Sorry.

Posted by: SDF at January 25, 2013 06:09 AM

14 Weren't flies and boils part of the ten plagues of Egypt?I'm gonna get worried if the water turns to blood.

Posted by: Kuffar at January 25, 2013 08:32 AM

15 Got your fly swatters ready? OK, group swat on the POT-us

Posted by: Bubbe at January 25, 2013 08:50 AM

16 Caption time...
"With the teleprompter down, Valerie sends instructions to her puppet through a lesser minion."

Posted by: Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder at January 25, 2013 09:37 AM

17 Caption time:

"Muslims send their own home grown drones to attack Obama"

*** WEIRD THING IS....flies don't live in weather that is super cold like the weather right now in D.C. They live in warm creepy indeed.

Posted by: Maria at January 25, 2013 09:51 AM

18 Frequently ? That article mentioned only one other time. And that was back in 2009

Posted by: occam at January 25, 2013 10:31 AM

19 looks like shit, smells like shit, tastes like shit...must be shit.

Posted by: the fly at January 25, 2013 11:10 AM

20 Storm Saxon is the winner.

Posted by: rumcrook at January 25, 2013 11:23 AM

21 He may not have a clue and he may not have style, but everything he lacks he makes up in denial .. he's pretty fly for a (half) white guy.

Posted by: brokenblade at January 25, 2013 11:31 AM

22 Get out of the House! And the Senate! And worship me! I am the Lord of the Flies!

Posted by: Rockerpeople at January 25, 2013 11:45 AM

23 #18
Google "fly Obama" and click on images. There are a lot of images of him with flies on or around his face.

And yes, Storm Saxon does win the caption contest, although Maria gets a honorable mention. :)

Posted by: Vyx at January 25, 2013 12:32 PM

24 @Vyx


Posted by: Darth Odie at January 25, 2013 12:55 PM

25 I have the perfect thing to get that bug off his face. It's called a Bug-a-Salt. It's a plastic, single pump, air powered shotgun that was designed to shoot salt and kill flies. I have one and it works. One load of salt is good for 50 shots and it only gives people a slight sting. A couple of months ago I shot a fly off my wife's wine glass, but the dead fly landed in the wine. My wife's vocabulary is bigger than I thought. What especially pissed her off was the salt, the fly was easy to fish out. I recall hearing something about "asshole", "$22 a bottle" and "salt ruins wine". I told her to pour some more wine in it and dilute it. Of course a sharp shooting Secret Service agent could cleanly pick that sucker off his lips with a 12 gauge 3 1/2 mag goose gun. They're good shots, aren't they? And if he really botched it, Hillary could always say "What difference does it make?"

Posted by: faboutlaws at January 25, 2013 01:05 PM

26 #25 faboutlaws - I got two of them! I haven't had a chance to try them yet. It isnt fly season here. :-)

Posted by: DMartyr at January 25, 2013 01:45 PM

27 It looks like he only attracts male flies...

Posted by: Pops at January 25, 2013 06:52 PM

28 Fab, I have just been 'handling' an AR, but this salt gun interests me in a way I find disturbing.

Posted by: EROWMER at January 25, 2013 07:03 PM

29 The real Lord of the flies.

Posted by: Frank at January 25, 2013 07:46 PM

30 tossing reggie's salad will draw flies. just something ya gotta accept.

Posted by: the prisoner at January 25, 2013 11:26 PM


Posted by: chin ho at January 26, 2013 05:36 AM

32 Ohhh Ohh that smell, that smell that's around you!

Posted by: obsidian at January 26, 2013 12:30 PM

33 fly on shit ... how allegorical ....

Posted by: mannyzzz at January 27, 2013 02:17 PM

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