Van Jones: Obama Is A 'Communitarian'..

Mr 9/11 truther speaketh:

At Loyola University in Chicago, Van Jones described President Obama as "not a socialist," but a "communitarian."

Words matter, you see.

Update: Rebel Pundit's post at the above here

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:57 AM


1 Isn't that just a fancy word for commie?

Posted by: cloaked in mystery at January 24, 2013 11:43 AM

2 If what that Communitarian means is OBAMAPHONE with unlimited data and texting, then I be Communitarian too.

Posted by: Barkevious Mingo at January 24, 2013 12:01 PM

3 keep shining that turd

Posted by: jd at January 24, 2013 12:19 PM

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