Ministry of Boobies: Eva Longoria's Wardrobe Malfunction (uncensored!)

Yeah yeah I know, I'm a blog whore. And also Eva has nice little pink perky nipples(NSFW).

Posted by: Howie at 11:14 AM


1 Isn't she famous? Or something?

Posted by: EROWMER at January 17, 2013 11:27 AM

2 I hope you are feeling better soon Howie.
Usually you go for some with some size.

Posted by: Kafiroon at January 17, 2013 11:32 AM

3 It may take a little more than that to jump start what's left of you're career Eva.
Tell you what, I'll put a good word in for you with the Colonial Penn folks. Maybe you can get a gig like me selling an Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy to ole Grandma, WITH NO HEALTH QUESTIONS!!!!! YOU SIMPLY CAN'T BE TURNED DOWN!

Posted by: Alex Trebek at January 17, 2013 11:48 AM


Posted by: marcus tullius cicero at January 17, 2013 12:03 PM

5 thank you sir. may i have another?

Posted by: oliver twist at January 17, 2013 01:15 PM

6 I'm digging the new 'bleached nipples/areolas' fad that's now growing by leaps and bounds. It's sexy and looks great -- as long as the nipples/areolas aren't the size of tea cup saucers that is.

Along with the full brazilian wax job -- it's phat! (pretty hot and tempting!)

Posted by: Tommy Salami at January 17, 2013 03:45 PM

7 Sorry, I wouldn't piss on the best part of that sorry bitch...but that's just me.

Posted by: Portnoy at January 17, 2013 05:26 PM

8 Grats on being a trashy pervert.

Posted by: Marsh626 at January 18, 2013 12:05 AM

9 With the gun debate the country is having........would theleft boobie be concealed carry and theright open carry?

Posted by: TBark at January 18, 2013 04:58 PM

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