Somalia: French Soldier Killed In Failed Hostage Rescue

al-Sabaab released this video of Denis Allex in October of last year

The African Taliban, have held Allex since 2009

A French soldier was killed and another was captured in a failed French commando raid on Saturday to rescue French hostage Denis Allex, who is also believed to have died in the operation, according to the French Defence Ministry.

The Islamist captors of a French military agent killed him during a French commando raid in Somalia, the French Defence Ministry said Saturday. One French soldier and 17 Islamists were also killed in the fighting.

Gen. Martin Klotz, a spokesman for the ministry, declined to provide details of the overnight operation aimed at rescuing secret service agent Denis Allex - the code-name for the man who was kidnapped by the militant Islamist group al-Shabaab in Mogadishu, the capital, in 2009.

However, the African Taliban have denied they killed him.
His Somali captors, however, claim they are holding Allex alive and said they had a new captive, a French commando wounded in the fighting.

"(Denis) Allex still remains safe and far from the location of the battle," al-Shabaab said in a news release. "As a response to this botched rescue operation by the French forces, (the Shabaab) assures the French people that it will give its final verdict regarding the fate of Denis Allex within two days."

If he is alive, the African Taliban will most likely release a video, otherwise he is most likely dead. As to the French soldier held captive now, if true, it remains to be seen how long they will keep him alive.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:37 PM


1 I can't believe we haven't destroyed these pirates/hostage takers yet.

Posted by: free` at January 12, 2013 03:07 PM

2 Well at least they tried.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at January 12, 2013 04:24 PM

3 Two Frogs and 17 tree dwelling fuckwits. Not a very good ratio. The frogs can do better. I guess they're out of practice. However, we should give them three cheers for the effort.
I suppose the hostage Denis Allex just had to go to Somalia. I'm sure it was important that he go to Somalia. If he lives I hope he realizes that a soldier is dead and another captive because he just had to go to Somalia. Others just have to go to Afghanistan and Iran. It's really important that they go to these places so others can die rescuing them.
Need to go to the airport and pick up my ticket to some 3rd world country that has a history of kidnapping Americans. Why? I just have to. It's my right to and I feel like it. Perhaps, I'll get international attention and my picture in the paper. Yep! I've just got to go. If I live I can write a story and make lots of money.

Posted by: White Devil at January 12, 2013 06:13 PM

4 It's a pretty safe bet that mohamadans lie.

Posted by: EROWMER at January 12, 2013 07:22 PM

5 Dumb French. They should know who to call for a rescue when one of their soldiers gets kidnapped...the British.
No disrespect to the poor victim and his family, only sorrow.

Posted by: Axel at January 12, 2013 08:27 PM

6 Guys, when the French are the ones who are actually taking the fight to al Qaeda unlike most of our "allies" it's time to put aside the old froggy insults and support them in getting their guys back and killing as many scumbags as possible. I, for one, hope that they'll get plenty of payback if the hostage was indeed executed, both in Somalia and Mali.

Posted by: KaneKaizer at January 12, 2013 09:17 PM

7 KaneKaizer is a course right. I just wonder what the frogs (ha, ha) are going to do now? Escalate the fighting or surrender? The French as other modern countries, have the modern weaponry to win the fight overnight. However, liberal, perhaps humane policies, will prevent them from using them. So what can they do? Chase them on foot thru the jungle? Won't work. The solution is easy. Go for the throat with overwhelming force or get out. Why do the French insist on interfering in Somalia or Mali anyway. Let them self destruct. Personally I don't give a damn if Somalia is Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jewish. There's no reason for me to care. Except a United Nations vote. Which to me, is a joke as at present most of the 3rd world will always vote against the United States and Israel. They don't like us. Or haven't we realized that yet?

Posted by: White Devil at January 13, 2013 08:18 AM

8 Kanekaiser, the Silly French do one or two things right in the last 100 years and we are supposed to suspend French jokes? Merde!

One of the things they did right was sinking Greenpiss' Rainbow Warrior, the other mentioned above. Apart from that it is slim pickings with the socialist cheese eaters.

Posted by: Mark at January 13, 2013 10:52 AM

9 Heres the French: WW2, two-thirds of France join the Third Reich without a fight and whole-heartedly engage in deportations to the death camps. The other third demonstrated their rank incompetence andcrumpled like acheap suit.
The bulk of the French navy (a very considerable force were it run by competent sailors) is still under French control in North Africa. Winston Churchill gives them a set of choices. They could 1) come to British ports and fight the Germans, 2) hand over their ships to the British, 3) scupper their own ships and be taken to freedom by British ships or 4). Well whats 4?
You guessed it (if you didnt already know), they chose"4". They decided to fight their supposed allies the Royal Navy. In about three hours virtually the entire French fleet was totally destroyed. But they put up a fight. Several thousand French died. Churchill declared that this was the first time they put up a real fight since the start of the war, against the British.
To this day, the French resent the few thousand sailors killed by the British about as much as they regret being invaded by the Germans. Certainly more than any guilt they feel about the many thousands of Jews they eagerly deported.
It was their choice.
I have fond memories of childhood times in France (I went there frequently from age 8 to 16) and thepeople I knew. However, it hasto be acknowledged that, by and large,they are a nation of assholes.

Posted by: Axel at January 13, 2013 01:38 PM

10 The hatred and name calling always goes back to what someone did or not did to the Jews.
France helping America gain independence doesn't count. The many brave French in WW1 doesn't count. The French revolution which started the ball rolling for all democratic societies doesnn't count. Napoleon's acceptance and protection of Jews doesn't count.
The only thing that counts is that some of them co operated with the Nazis who would just as soon depopulate France as put up with them.

And the dirty rotten stinking British and Japanese who have invaded American territories? Instead of forgetting the bad times we should dwell upon it. WE MUST REMIND THE WORLD THAT THE BRITISH INVADED AMERICA IN 1812 and killed thousand of Americans. And those cowardly Japs. WE CAN'T LET THE WORLD FORGIVE OR FORGET PEARL HARBOR.
They are nations of assholes.
Horse Shit.

Posted by: White Devil at January 13, 2013 02:56 PM

11 Hahahjahahah....@ "10":
"The French revolution which started the ball rolling for all democratic societies "
What a complete fecking idiot! He obviously knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the French revolution.
You spout abstract idealisation whilst I refer to grass-roots realities as Europeans of all nationalities experience it. You citedesperate vagueclaims from centuries ago whilst the example I refer to is from recent living memory and reflects their contemporary national character.
Im English, a European, we Europeansall loathe the French on the basis of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. They are arrogant, loud mouthed, bigoted, chauvinistic (and if you had an education you would know what that means and why its a French word), cowardly, hypocritical, low scheming (the armourers of Saddam Hussein)unwashed and in case I forgot to mention it, nobody who has to actually deal with them can bear them.
One example, Germans have a scale of dislikes. They strongly dislike Americans, they dislike the English more(much more) but most of all and by a large margin they detest the French.
You say "horse shit". I say you lack experience and are blinded by idealism. Cutlures are NOT all the same.
Now tellme you lived in France and we will all know you must be an asshole too. Birds of a feather.

Posted by: Axel at January 13, 2013 05:21 PM

12 Once again. BULLSHIT. Your agenda is nothing but wishing to continue the holocaust thing. Gives you a reason for existence. NEVER FORGET and don't let any others forget either. Again. BULLSHIT.
Tell me some more about what us Germans think.

Posted by: White Devil at January 14, 2013 08:51 AM

13 White Devil, you are a dickhead.
What the fuck has any holocaust got to do with the French being assholes? Most of the assholes I refer to werent even born then. What the fuck has it got to do with me or anything I said? Pillock.
I just realised, you dont even know I was referring to Vichy France. Ignorant prick whodoesnt even know what it is. Google it twat.

Posted by: Axel at January 14, 2013 03:19 PM

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