Dear Journal News, Love Judge Jeanine

I'm unsure of the date of this segment:

h/t @Dbargen

BTW, The Journal News has a poll: Should guns be more strictly regulated in the United States?[Front page, left side towards the bottom]

Me thinks they are enjoying the publicity and to hell with innocents who may be harmed by their liberal fascism[rhymes with Islamofacism], gun banning rhetoric, 2nd Amendment hating bullshit of so called journalists.

Sheriff: Inmates Using Journal News Gun Owner Map To Threaten Guards

Posted by: Stable Hand at 04:34 PM


1 ....And their OWN POLL is showing approx. 67% saying: NO to more gun-control regulation......LOL

Posted by: MtTB at January 06, 2013 05:16 PM

2 Liberal Jews run that paper what do you expect?

Posted by: occam at January 06, 2013 06:14 PM

3 How far will the Judge go to protect what she has?

Posted by: EROWMER at January 06, 2013 07:13 PM

4 The poll is currently 33% - yes, 67% - no. Lets see if the Journal switches those results tomorrow (remember when HAMAS did that?). I have screenshots in case they do change it. I suggest others do the same.

BTW, they updated the map page. Original there were no QA about the map. They added that now. One question asks if any Journal News reporters are on the map. The answer is that none of the JN reporters live in those counties, Funny how there are plenty of other gun permit holders outside those counties.

Posted by: DMartyr at January 06, 2013 07:52 PM

5 Hopefully their advertisers will feel the heat and drop their patronage as folks drop the paper. The liberal plantation scribes understand lack of money.

Posted by: canuck at January 06, 2013 07:58 PM

6 Wow! The judge brings the hammer down on the newsroaches.

Posted by: Mark at January 06, 2013 09:52 PM

7 @ Occam: what the hell do Jews have to do with it? There are just as many non Jews if not more who are liberals, and there are just as many Jews who agree with the 2nd Amendment. You sound like an idiot like your father, Greyrooster for even bringing it up.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at January 07, 2013 07:40 AM

8 Jeanine is such a hot old slut. I'll never forget the way she used to dress when appearing on FOX as a guest. It worked. Now she has her own segment. Unfortunately she has toned down the dress. No more short skirts and fuck me boots.

Posted by: Abrog8 at January 07, 2013 10:30 AM

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