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Never come between a mama bear and her cubs, especially if she is armed.

Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder

A woman hiding in her attic with children shot an intruder multiple times before fleeing to safety Friday.

The incident happened at a home on Henderson Ridge Lane in Loganville around 1 p.m. The woman was working in an upstairs office when she spotted a strange man outside a window, according to Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman. He said she took her 9-year-old twins to a crawlspace before the man broke in using a crowbar.

But the man eventually found the family.

"The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he's staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver," Chapman told Channel 2ís Kerry Kavanaugh.

The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved.

"She's standing over him, and she realizes she's fired all six rounds. And the guy's telling her to quit shooting," Chapman said.

The woman ran to a neighbor's home with her children. The intruder attempted to flee in his car but crashed into a wooded area and collapsed in a nearby driveway, Chapman said.

Deputies arrested 32-year-old Atlanta resident Paul Slater in connection with the crime. Chapman said they found him on the ground saying, "Help me. I'm close to dying."

God Bless this woman.

Video below fold:

Posted by: Stable Hand at 06:25 PM


1 The woman needs to about better gun control. If she shot him 5 times when being that close to him, the perp should be dead. I recommend weekly trips to the gun range to practice. The only problem now is the tax payers are going to have to cover the medical bills of the crook and a lawyer for his ass.

Posted by: mdb at January 05, 2013 07:55 PM

2 I can't help but notice the ethnicity of the perp.
And yes, five rounds to the face and no fatality? WTF?
If Obama had a son....

Posted by: mycroft at January 05, 2013 08:00 PM

3 She definitely needs some target practice. Maybe she needs something of a larger caliber. I guarantee with five shots from my good friend Sam Colt this asshole would be dead! Too bad the taxpayers will now have to foot the bill.

Posted by: JusCruzn at January 05, 2013 08:22 PM

4 If you can shoot an intruder 5 times and he can beg for you to stop, you need a BIGGER GUN.

Posted by: TimO at January 05, 2013 08:42 PM

5 And/or something with a higher capacity magazine..

Posted by: Arawak at January 05, 2013 09:36 PM

6 Mom,
Get yourself some 124 grain hollow points and just use the 115 grain FMJ's for the range.

Posted by: Sig at January 05, 2013 11:03 PM

7 Agreed on the jhp's, Sig. I carry mostly a 9MM with the heavier jhp's (Hydroshock), but sometimes the 1911 with jhp's. I had an old Marine tell me 'shoot a guy with a .45, and he stays shot'. As for the shooting in Georgia, the lib/demo/prog/commies would have been just fine with 'Georgia Mom And Twins Raped And Beaten To Death By Career Criminal'

Posted by: EROWMER at January 06, 2013 12:06 AM

8 This is a clear example of why people need larger magazines. Most people are not faced with mortal danger and don't always aim well under pressure. If you can dazzle them with style you riddle them with bullets. The gun grab is coming and this woman and her children would have been victims to satisfy the idiocy of leftists.

Posted by: kzintius at January 06, 2013 12:37 AM

9 If you cannot* dazzle them with style you riddle them with bullets. Fixed

Posted by: kzintius at January 06, 2013 12:38 AM

10 Never bring anything to a gun fight that doesn't start with a 4, like .40, .44, .45 or .410. Still all in all she did what she had to do, now she just needs some target placement and practice.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at January 06, 2013 07:52 AM

From what I can tell from reports, she placed a killing group.
My guess, the .38 was loaded with JHP. For home defence you need a +P capable .38 with an expanding bullet.
Nothing wrong with the .38, the bullet placement or the bravery, just a little tweaking on the load involved.A rejoinder, don't mess with southern women, they are not used to cowering.
When I teach my wife gun control, we use wad cutters, when range time is over, in go the high powered hollow points. Thankfully home defence isn't covered by the Gvention, not yet anyway.

Posted by: OpenTheDoor at January 06, 2013 09:00 AM

12 Some people have thicker and more rounder skulls. The bone will not necessary stop a round, but it may direct it away from the brain.

Either way, its going to be a long time before this guy is up and walking around.

Posted by: You Have An Ugly Goat at January 06, 2013 11:38 AM

13 Unfortunately, you can bet the perp's family will probably try to file a lawsuit

Posted by: Tyler at January 06, 2013 12:07 PM

14 I have always liked a 12 ga myself. And yes, this POS will likely file a lawsuit, spit.

Posted by: Mark at January 06, 2013 12:22 PM

15 Note that there were four EXIT wounds. I think Hollow Points would have been better, but on balance, she did everyone a favor.

He still may not live through this, and for that I think we can all be thankful.

Posted by: Gork at January 06, 2013 06:03 PM

16 Seeing as he lived, I just wish she had blown his balls off

Posted by: cjk at January 06, 2013 09:00 PM

17 I love it when a plan comes together. hehehehe

Posted by: Rose at January 07, 2013 04:09 AM

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