A Reader of Samir Khan's 'Inspire' 'Thwarted in Christmas Lights Terror Plot'
Targeted Major NYC Attractions

Update on Two Pakistani Born Americans Arrested in Fla for Terror Conspiracy


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Pakistani-born man wanted to avenge the deaths of U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan by blowing up a New York City landmark but lacked the money and materials to carry out the plan, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gilbert said at a bail hearing that Raees Alam Qazi, 20, researched bomb-making techniques on Internet sites affiliated with al Qaeda, including one using Christmas tree lights, and the FBI recorded phone calls and conversations linking Qazi to a purported "lone wolf" plot.

Did someone say bombs made by using Christmas tree lights? Samir Khan had a section in one of his/AQAP 'Inspire' magazines titled:
Image of a bomb detonator found in al Qaeda's Inspire magazine
"He fully intended to do this, and thankfully he didn't have enough money," Gilbert said. Referring to casualties in U.S. drone attacks, she added: "He wants to avenge those deaths and kill people."[...]

Qazi, a naturalized U.S. citizen who attended local Florida public schools, confirmed many elements of the plot in a statement to FBI agents after his arrest in late November, Gilbert said. Investigators also found bomb-making and related components at the Qazi family home in Oakland Park, as well as explosives research evidence on a computer used by Qazi.

Qazi is charged along with his brother, 30-year-old taxi driver Sheheryar Alam Qazi, with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry a potential life sentence if the men are convicted of both counts.

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Sammy continues to Inspire & FAIL beyond the grave.

There's no such thing as homegrown terror. Nothing to see here, move along.

h/t Eye On The World

Update: I called it, no?

[NYTimes]In their search of Mr. Qazi’s house, federal agents said, they found batteries taped together, stripped Christmas light wire and a magazine, Al Qaeda Inspire, with an article on how to make a detonator using Christmas lights. One article carried the headline “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.”
The NY Post left that 'tidbit' out.

h/t @El_Grillo1

And if you're new to these digs, the feud between Samir and Rusty is personal. Highly personal. Here's what Samir wrote to Rusty back in 2007:

So let them laugh now, but we will be the ones laughing in the afterlife.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

Just who gets the last laugh at you again and again and again Sammy?


Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed archives here

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1 Someone remind me why we are letting these bags of shit into the country? Yes, I forgot they go on welfare and vote Democrat.

Posted by: Mark at December 18, 2012 06:43 PM

2 So Quasi didn't have enough money to finish the bombing project. Maybe the democrats put some extra cash in the Sandy Relief Bill for him?

Posted by: EROWMER at December 18, 2012 08:30 PM

3 from the looks of it they put money in it for everthing else E.

Posted by: old cowboy at December 18, 2012 10:01 PM

4 by the way where is our token goathumpin troll exlax?

Posted by: old cowboy at December 19, 2012 09:53 PM

5 I banned him.

Posted by: Darth Odie at December 20, 2012 09:15 AM

6 "
I just find personal responsibility much better than say banning things. But that's just me."

Posted by: Darth Odie at December 20, 2012 09:39 AM

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