Michigan: Union Goons Tear Down, Slash Tent Filled With People (Updated)

Without any concern for the people inside, union goons tore down an AFP tent and then slashed it to pieces during a protest in Lansing, Michigan. Police were nearby, but feared the mob and did nothing. Even as people were trapped under it, these union animals began jumping on and slashing the tent.

The tent was owned by Americans For Prosperity Michigan Chapter.

This attack comes on the heels of Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss promising "there will be blood":

Just don't expect the violence to end with a tent.

UPDATE: Steven Crowder was punched several times as he tried to report about the tent being destroyed. There was blood, but fortunately very minor. But I doubt the violence is over.

UPDATE II: White House refuses to condemn Geiss' "there will be blood" comments. Spokesman Jay Carney says the comment is open to interpretation.

UPDATE III: Steven Crowder just uploaded video of union thugs attacking him. It isn't pretty. View it HERE. (I'm also adding it below the fold.)

Below the fold, a screenshot of Michigan House Democrats' tweet repeating Geiss's "there will be blood" comments. @MIHouseDems later deleted the tweet.


Update by SH: Michelle Malkin: Video gallery of union thuggery in Michigan

Also, from BigG: MI Right to-Work Battle: Union Members Shout Down Tea Party Counter-Protest

Update II by SH: With Right-to-Work Being Protested in Michigan, Liberal Media Avoids the Other Side of the Story

Right-to-work legislation has passed in Michigan, despite the vociferous protests of bused-in union protesters in Lansing and sympathetic coverage from the liberal media, who have portrayed right-to-work as a blow to "union rights" as well as a "politically unnecessary" and "divisive" move by Republicans who control the state legislature and governor's mansion in a state that went strongly for Obama last month.

But there is another side of the story, which the liberal media outlets are seemingly ignoring. The Michigan-based conservative think tank called the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has not only published persuasive and thoroughly-researched reports advocating for the right-to-work policy, they are doing their best to inform the public with the facts and figures that the majority of the media refuses to acknowledge, much less verify.

For example, Mackinac has reported on how the public employees union SEIU has skimmed off the dues from its ailing and disabled clients' Medicaid subsidy checks to the tune of $33 million since 2006. The vast majority of which has been used solely for political advocacy.[More...]

Posted by: DMartyr at 01:48 PM


1 How lovely. Look at what these people do when the shoe is on the other foot. The right loses the election, and Obama gets another four years. Are there riots in the streets? Nope.

The leftist unions lose to a right to work movement. Are there riots in the street? Oh yeah. They're chanting for blood.

I wish them peace. I really do. There are other ways to address this issue besides thuggery and hate. When they learn those ways, they'll find a that many more will back them.

Meanwhile, if you live in Michigan or plan on visiting there, bring self protection. When thugs are sanctioned by political leadership the only recourse is self protection.

Posted by: Gork at December 11, 2012 02:27 PM

2 The police are all in unions too. They used to be on the right side politically but now are moving left of center

Posted by: occam at December 11, 2012 02:31 PM

3 The cops are probably union thugs too. No wonder they did nothing.

Posted by: Mohammed pork be upon him at December 11, 2012 02:40 PM

4 If some one in my family was hurt by these leftist thugs I would seriously think about going straight at their leaders.

The police are compromised and will do nothing.

Time to get rid of the rot that is the democrats chicago style politics.

Posted by: testkieie at December 11, 2012 02:41 PM

5 They tore a tent down with any concern for those in it.

Yep. Them tents are just so heavy. Ha, ha.

Fire all police. They're unionists. Who needs them anyway.

To arms. to arms. The unions are coming. Once they were 60% of America's work force. Now 7%.

Bernie Maddoff made off with billions of other peoples money. Left them with broken dreams and bank accounts. Barnie is just one of many who have done the same. Emron comes to mind. Yet. We must stop these union goons. But not the wall street goons.
The unions will swallow themselves as they are simply to greedy and unionism breeds poor work ethics. For an example I give you the US Postal Service. By far the most incompetent work force in history. But no one seems to want to get rid of them.

Posted by: Warmachine at December 11, 2012 03:06 PM

6 Warmachine, the union thugs jumped on the downed tent and began slashing it while people were still trapped beneath it. Not to mention the tent itself was the property of a group who had obtained the proper permits to be there.

If you see no problems with thugs destroying private property and putting people's lives in danger in order to silence them, then you are no better than the union animals who did it.

Posted by: DMartyr at December 11, 2012 03:13 PM

7 This is a rehearsal, a 'nudge' as it were. When you get ready to go all riot/thug on America, you need to know what works. For instance, hating 'rich' people is a proven winner. Therefore, it's ok to demonize the rich for now. Later, they can kill them with impunity. Blessed from the highest civil authorities, don't you know?

Posted by: EROWMER at December 11, 2012 03:39 PM

8 Geez. It's not like UNIONS are being outlawed. I'm guessing that NONE of these idiots rioting will be impacted by the law at all.

Posted by: vyx at December 11, 2012 04:31 PM

9 DMartyr: There was a time not so long ago that companies hired real goons to smash the heads of union members on strike or attempting to organize. Perhaps they learned these tactics from them. I still believe it's small potatoes when looking at the big picture. These unionists starting acting like this in the twenties when people like Carnegie worked men 6 days a week for subsistence wages and used violence to prevent organized labor.
I've found union members to be very pro American. :Misguided tho they may be. They are still my fellow loyal countrymen. Others have more concern for those who aren't my fellow countrymen. Fear produces violence. Many in unions are afraid that there lifestyle and pensions will take a dump. Lets accept the truth. For the past 12 years the greedy company executives and fund managers have done far, far better than the American worker.
The truth is coming out about Hostess and the pension abuse their directors are responsible for. Yet, I for one believed the union was nuts for doing what they did. Time will tell.
Union thugs destroy tents. Wall street thugs steal peoples money and retirement accounts. Which would you rather have happen to you? As for me. Cut my tent but please don't take my pension. Which is more important to you is obvious. I'm sure you have an ulterior motive.. Could it be the Obama/Union connection? Is being overly concerned about union aggressive tactics be caused by hatred of Obama? I still think something is wrong when you're more concerned about union tomfoolery than outright thievery by Wall Street and large company executives.
By the way. Before you start. I detest Obama and all he stands for. So tell your friends that dog won't hunt. I'm also a conservative. One that believes in America and fair play for all Americans. Union or not.

Posted by: Warmachine at December 11, 2012 04:52 PM

10 DMartyr: If you see no problems with Wall Street corruption destroying private pensions of the elderly and
putting people's hard earned money in danger, then you are
no better than the animals who did it.

Posted by: Warmachine at December 11, 2012 05:01 PM

11 Warmachine, are you a member of OWS? Sure sound like it

Posted by: SH at December 11, 2012 05:06 PM

12 @ warmachine,so fair play for all americans,so that would mean since the union loyalists had knives,a deadly weapon in any other situation you would support the non union victims in the tent shootin the union loyalists in self defense? is that what your tryin to say?

Posted by: old cowboy at December 11, 2012 05:53 PM

13 Fire is fought with fire....one or two dead or disabled thugs will send the message that the public are not necessarily going to act like the Republican leadership.

Posted by: canuck at December 11, 2012 07:11 PM

14 Can't help but think its time to start using 2nd amendment protections to guard against these stalwart examples of humanity and their desire to make people associate with and pay money to groups they don't want to have anything to do with.

Swing a knife at me while trying to cut a tent? Boom! There's another in the pipe and 14 more in the mag, with two more magazines within reach....... Bet my ammo lasts longer than youze guyz courage.....

Posted by: baboy at December 11, 2012 08:27 PM

15 Some a$$hole on Hannity is claiming that we are to assume these thugs are aberrations.

Posted by: VALERIE at December 11, 2012 09:30 PM

16 Old cowboy: @post #12. Yes I would. I support the right of all Americans to defend themselves. Wouldn't you? That is if it's really self defense. How many of these tent dwellers were killed or seriously injured. Why would they be at a pro Union rally?

Idiot @ post #11. Am I a member of OWS. No I'm not. Are you a member of the American Nazi Party. Sure sounds like it. You know. You people always attempt to silence those who disagree. It's an old Nazi trick.

Posted by: Warmachine at December 12, 2012 01:50 AM

17 As for the Crowder video. Any fool can see two things. (1) It didn't show the start of the incident where this guy and Crowder were fighting. (2) Look close and you will see they didn't cut off enough of the start. The guy is obviously getting up. Was he pushed or punched by Crowder enough to lose his feet and got up and threw a punch at Crowder. Looks like it to me.

Going to a union rally (riot) is like going to a Hamas demonstration and shouting an opposite view. You should be able to do it but you had better not.
The right to work law has passed and it's a good thing. Stirring shit with those against it only makes things worse.
But it does give reason for the existence of some who revel in it.

Posted by: Warmachine at December 12, 2012 02:06 AM

18 This ain't just union thugs, this is the entire left and they secretly applaud it. They will do everything to help more of this along.
People just don't seem to understand how EVIL they really are !!!
They WILL imprison and kill their adversaries (us) as soon as they can.

Posted by: cjk at December 12, 2012 02:57 AM

19 CJK: Who's they?

Posted by: Warmachine at December 12, 2012 09:21 AM

20 @warmachine: I see you're pretty poor in the reading comprehension department.

Posted by: cjk at December 13, 2012 01:53 PM

21 gotta post the full version to show what led up to the fight

Posted by: occam at December 14, 2012 03:20 PM

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