Gazans Thank Iran For Weapons They Used Against Israel

This story is a few of days old[ABC] but I didn't post because the Zionist bandwidth bitch only uses terrorists/supporters images. Finally, some were found. Allahu Bandwidthbar!

Residents of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday plastered large billboards in key locations thanking Iran for its help during a recent eight-day battle against Israel.

The posters reflected the strong ties between Iran and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups in Gaza. Israel considers Iran to be its most dangerous enemy, citing Iran's support for the militants and its suspect nuclear program.

During the fighting, Gaza militants terrorists groups[FIFY ABC..ed] fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, including Iranian-made "Fajr" missiles reaching as far as Tel Aviv and the outskirts of Jerusalem.

This shit is only going to get worse thanks to the UNGA vote giving PA 'observer status'.

Allahu Bandwidthbar bitches!

You too bitches at Palestian Islamic Jihad[PIJ]

Posted by: Stable Hand at 03:52 PM


1 Sooner or later Israel is going to flatten Gaza. These goathumpers really do have a death wish.

Posted by: Mark at December 03, 2012 11:56 AM

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