Media Desperate To Control Narrative Of IDF's Operation #PillarOfDefense

Infographics: Over 1 Million Israelis Living under Fire

Aljazeera's reporter Hamas supporter interviews Spokesman for the PM of Israel, Mark Regev:

CNN's turn:

Yesterday, IDF Spokesperson Lt Col Avital Leibovich bitch slaps these Hamas supporters:

Infographics: Ahmed Jabari

Next, a word from a Hamas supporter in Chicago:

"Pallywood": "Watch "injured" Gazan suddenly recover on BBC news report & "

200 More Rockets Fired at Israel, Three Israelis Dead
IDF Announces Operation Pillar of Defense

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:02 AM


1 The problem for Israel is not just the shedloads of shit they are up against but that they havent a flying feck of a clue as to how to handle the information front. I am dismayed they still wheel out that Mark Regev. He is utterly fecking useless and just serves to add an un-cool face and creepy robotic voice to seemingly substantiate the anti-Israeli narrative of inhuman occupiers.
For a basic fecking start they need to hire some sexy looking brown skinned young men and women with silky voices to be their spokes-faces. Better still, dress up some as Muslimas and push the unspoken fact that 20% of Israelis are Arab. Push the fact that Arabs and Muslims are among the Israeli citizens being killed by Hamas et al. Use the Muslim victim card turned 180 degrees on the enemy.
And all the propoganda graphics, its just so fecking tired,lame, clueless and weak. This is the 21st Century. Singing to the converted achieves nothing. Why is it the Israelis whio are so ingenious in other arenas are so utterly damned clueless when it comesto the most important aspect of their survival, their image. They can have the best military and nukes up to the eyeballs but if the rest of the world continues to turn against them none of that will count for anything. They will be screwed.
Sure, Jesus, and I DOproclaim His Love, will someday bring triumph....but that may not be for ANOTHER two millenia. In the meantime they need to sort their act out.

Posted by: Axel at November 15, 2012 11:47 AM

2 @Axel: the Israeli's like alot of other people don't believe in sugar coating anything, but get right to the meat and potatoes of the problem. That being said, that's why they don't come off too well in the propaganda war. Besides they also realize that as Jews, the world isn't going to really give a shit about them so why bother. Take it from a Jew who also feels they way they do.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at November 15, 2012 03:19 PM

3 Haha. That IDF lady says 'terrorginizations' instead of 'terror organizations'. I like her.

Posted by: Kevin at November 15, 2012 03:41 PM

4 Moshe I know what you mean, whatever Israeli Govt peoplesay will be either reframed or ignored. But thats the thing, the only way to change the picture is to manipulate the percptions of the media drones themselves.I mean "minds". So you start by confounding their narratives.Like the tiresome reference to Israel as "The Jewish state".Thats easily confounded by having Muslim spokespersons. Shove a shitload of Muslims forward to front the flack-back. Why do spokesfaces have to be govt employees, or even Israelis. they just needtalking heads, thats what a spokesperson is.
While we are at it, IDF spokespersons inuniforms look like they are wearing old sacks, whens that gonna change?

Posted by: Axel at November 15, 2012 04:50 PM

5 @Axel: I can't speak for the uniforms, hehe, but as for them confounding the narrative, maybe they feel that that would be cheating. I understand what your saying and I also know if your not cheating your not trying, but sometimes my landsman can have hard heads and not do what is best for themselves. Take that from a Jew who also has a hard head, hehe. Better yet, whether they believe or not, alot of my landsman feel that the L-rd will provide as he's done for the last 4500 years of our existance. So go figure.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at November 15, 2012 06:40 PM

6 Moshe I respect your faith.
But I dont think it would be cheating. Its war. All is fair in love and war.
And God helps those who help themselves (though hopefully not in the euphemistic sense).

Posted by: Axel at November 15, 2012 08:06 PM

7 Axel: You can lead a horse to water ... etc.

A doubt any Israeli produced material would make it all the way to airtime.

Maybe a documentary effort on Fox might pay off though. That could be something to explore.

Posted by: Kristophr at November 15, 2012 10:11 PM

8 Kristophr, again, like Moshe, I totally agree with your basic perspective but this is a question of response to the very problem you mention. The media do have Israeli spokespeople on....thats the issue...why use such useless spokespeople. That is totally in Israels gift to choose.If they chose to use Muslim seeming spokespeople the media then can only find their narrative of "The Jewish State" confounded or simply refuse to allow Israel to put up any spokespeople. If the latter, then they make their bias unmistakeable. Whereas, as it stands, they give Israel a chance to respond to their talking head-pieces and what happens, Israel throws it away with Mark Regev the speak-your-weight-machine. They would be better off simply refusing to participate.
Dont forget that Western societies used to be pro-Israel. The meduiaused to be pro-Israel. Well, thatshow I remember it in the Sixties. How did the Marxists change that? By using the kind of perceptual manipulation Israel should, 50 years on, be using herself.

Posted by: Axel at November 16, 2012 07:41 AM

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