Email Shows Obama's State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team To Retain DC-3 at US Embassy in Libya

Obama's America

Fly the friendly skies of Libya Airlines, sh*t.

Via Jake Tapper @ABCNews

ABC News has obtained an internal State Department email from May 3, 2012, indicating that the State Department denied a request from the security team at the Embassy of Libya to retain a DC-3 airplane in the country to better conduct their duties.

Copied on the email was U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in a terrorist attack on the diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11, 2012, along with three other Americans. That attack has prompted questions about whether the diplomatic personnel in that country were provided with adequate security support.

No one has yet to argue that the DC-3 would have definitively made a difference for the four Americans killed that night. The security team in question, after all, left Libya in August

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It was bad enough those in Benghazi had no quick transport out, but the Obama Administration rejected military intervention during the attack
The hour is 5 p.m., Sept. 11, Washington time, and the scene is an Oval Office meeting among President Obama, the secretary of defense, the national security adviser and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi has been under assault for roughly 90 minutes. Some 30 U.S. citizens are at mortal risk. The whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens are unknown.

What is uppermost on the minds of the president and his advisers? The safety of Americans, no doubt. So what are they prepared to do about it? Here is The Wall Street Journal's account of the meeting:

"There was no serious consideration at that hour of intervention with military force, officials said. Doing so without Libya's permission could represent a violation of sovereignty and inflame the situation, they said. Instead, the State Department reached out to the Libyan government to get reinforcements to the scene."

So it did. Yet the attack was far from over. After leaving the principal U.S. compound, the Americans retreated to a second, supposedly secret facility, which soon came under deadly mortar fire. Time to call in the troops?

Continued below the fold:

Some officials said the U.S. could also have sent aircraft to the scene as a 'show of force' to scare off the attackers," the Journal reported, noting that there's a U.S. air base just 450 miles away in Sicily. "State Department officials dismissed the suggestions as unrealistic. 'They would not have gotten there in two hours, four hours or six hours.'"

The U.S. security detail only left Benghazi at 8 a.m. on Sept. 12, more than 10 hours after the attacks began. A commercial jet liner can fly from D.C. to Benghazi in about the same time.

Obama did build this.

Obama’s State Department CUT Security at Benghazi????

Posted by: Stable Hand at 05:20 PM


1 Wow! I just don't know what to think about this. I'm going to wait and see what jumps out of this mess. Did Obama have anything at all to do with it. Did he talk to someone about it. Did he write any E-mails concerning the situation. Did he even know about the request? Did the request come to his desk (or golf course) or did the memo stop somewhere down the line? Does the President even get memos from Embassies. This Benghazi office was a consulate. I love to blame things on Obama but before I do I like to be sure. I don't bum wrap people if I can help it. Show me the evidence.

Posted by: greyrooster at October 05, 2012 06:33 PM

2 rooster if we the people ever get the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this i'm sure theres gonna plenty of blame to go around

Posted by: old cowboy at October 05, 2012 07:44 PM

3 " I don't bum wrap people if I can help it. Show me the evidence. "

Gee! A sober moment for the Greyrooster!

Posted by: Notyuyayahoo at October 05, 2012 09:03 PM

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5 The only one mentioning all that shit is you Rooster. Apparently thats all you have on your mind since you do like to bum wrap people. You just did just that in your statement. As for filth, the only filth is coming out of your mouth as usual. Want some examples. Here they are. Zioshit traitor, zioshit filth, suck em, fuckem, ass etc. All your words. Seems like it's a Rooster thing. If I were you, I wouldn't live in a complain about anybody calling you anything when you run your mouth like a sewer.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at October 06, 2012 07:27 AM

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Posted by: greyrooster at October 06, 2012 08:17 AM

7 You just proved my case, Grey. Keep ranting. You sound like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum and always blaming it on someone else.

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at October 06, 2012 08:37 AM

8 Piglet1 to piglet 2, "where is our drunk daddy, Rooster?" You know the retard who squats on a section of MS swamp and thinks he's a rancher.

Posted by: Mark at October 06, 2012 09:32 AM

" As a zioshit traitor to my country I would appreciate it if you would not address me or my comments. "

Glory Be! Greyrooster has become one of us! I always thought Greyrooster was a zioshit traitor!

Posted by: Notyuyayahoo at October 06, 2012 10:52 AM

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Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at October 06, 2012 11:11 AM

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13 "Yawn"

Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at October 06, 2012 01:23 PM

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Posted by: Moshe Ben Avram at October 06, 2012 02:09 PM

A DC- 3 ??? Uhhhhh Christ why not just put them in a Wright Brothers Flyer

Posted by: guest at October 06, 2012 03:52 PM

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Posted by: greyrooster at October 06, 2012 10:16 PM

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