Planning Spontaneous Outrage

Plans within plans.

n September 10th, advertisements that encouraged people to join in the protests of the film were in abundance.

The idea came from the Nour Salafist party’s Ahmed Khalil and Nadder Bakkar. Here is a rough translation:

Nour Party announced in a statement on the official facebook page of the party, support for participation in the vigil held in front of the U.S. embassy on the fifth evening (Tuesday) to condemn the film for offending the Prophet (peace be upon him) on American television. The Engineer Jalal, once Secretary-General of the party, said that a number of party leaders are taking part in the vigil, led by Dr. Ahmed Khalil and Nader Bakkar, in addition to members of the party from the various provinces.”
This was sent out one day before the 9/11 anniversary. So we can conclude that the agitation was started days before, then advertised on September 10 to turn out on September 11th specifically.
So we know we call September 11th Patriot Day, so what do the Egyptians in the Nour party call it?

al-Qaeda day, I shit you not.

The Arabic sources show that this was in support of al-Qaeda day, posting al-Qaeda flags and some of the chanting was about reminding Americans that there are many al-Qaedas (ie Nour Party). Americans should ask themselves a hard question:
And the ultimate goal, to implement Sharia law's prohibition against blasphemy against Islam. Which of course includes not only insults against the Prophet or Allah, but also includes any criticism or perceived derogatory opinions, even satire, of Islam.

They want to implement this not only on Muslim majority nations, but as a part of international law. To make you their subject, to dominate you, to create a crime that can be used to make Dhimmis of the entire international community.

Hat Tip: California Conservative.

Posted by: Howie at 11:13 AM


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