How Many Losers Does it Take to Open for Bill Clinton?

1, 2, 3....... 30, 31, 50.

I have to say that Bill Clinton gave a good speech last night. That's standard fare for Bill. If you can get past a few conflicts such as praising Obama for cutting taxes while condemning other tax cuts. If you can overlook a few logical disconnects Bill always gives a good speech. Its just what he does.

The number one thing that Clinton did right, he did not let anyone from the Obama administration touch his speech. Do any of you really believe that anyone in Obama's camp could have done as well? Of course you don't. Bill gives a good speech every time. Obama gave one really good speech many years ago.

The issue here is that Bill Clinton isn't running for President. Barack Obama is running for President. And despite Slick Willie's praise Obama is no Bill Clinton. Not even close.

Obama's wing of the Democrat party is totally different animal than what was described in Bill Clinton's alternate universe. Obama takes his support not from the center left or even the moderates. His wing is much more the Sandra Fluke type. While Bill talks positively about Republican and conservatives and co-operation, Sandra's hate and false choices betray what that far left wing really thinks.

She paints a false choice in which the executive office is a dictatorship. That your vote will decide which dictator you will live under. Because that's how the far left sees the Presidency, the power she wants you to fear giving to Mitt Romney is the same power they imagine in the hands of Barack Obama. Her choice is very much different from Bill Clinton's co-operation, in the her mind the other side are bigots, rapists murderers of women.

That's not the bill of goods that Clinton was selling last night. No matter how much lipstick Bill puts on the Obama Administration it does nothing for the stink emanating from this White House.

So tonight make sure you watch closely, I predict you'll feel that the best night of the Democratic convention fell on a Wednesday. In November you'll be voting on Obama's record, not Bill Clinton's record. You'll be voting on an agenda driven by the far left, not by centrists. You'll be voting not on the job that Bill Clinton did, but on who is most qualified to lead this nation forward.

I think what happened right after Bill Left the stage shows very well what you'll be voting on. It didn't take the incompetents in New Democratic Party 15 minutes to undo Mr. Clinton's 48 minutes of work.

This is not your Father's Democrat party.

Posted by: Howie at 08:00 AM


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