Last night at the RNC when Clint Eastwood came on stage he had a empty chair next to him. The chair denoted empty suit ala empty chair Obama. He did what other Hollywood stars have failed to do, or dared to do, make fun of Obama. He is paying for this dearly now as most of the Hollywood and MFM are attacking him over it. I would imagine he doesn't really give a sh*t.

Oh, the narcissist in chief didn't like it either:

Video of Eastwood winging it (he threw away his speech) at the RNC below the fold:

Every which way but classy: Tom Brokaw wishes ‘friend’ Clint Eastwood had shut up
Obama superPAC-man Pig Maher rants at ‘asshole’ Clint Eastwood, bashes rich
Elderly-bashers diagnose Clint Eastwood with dementia again

Posted by: Stable Hand at 09:38 AM


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